The Cold – Our Elemental Teacher

Imagine making yourself more tolerant to the elements, more resilient to illness and stress, and less affected by inflammation. What would you do to reap the rewards of these sorts of health benefits? Well, the Wim Hof method, promises exactly these sorts of health benefits and it does so by offering a practical and habitual … Continue reading The Cold – Our Elemental Teacher


Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Everywhere I look lately, there lingers a certain resonance of a particular theme - fear, uncertainty, and doubt. People are stockpiling groceries in case of supply shortages; people are pouring money into crypto to avoid a traditional financial collapse; politics are polarized and opposing parties both describe their opposition as Hitler-like. What the hell is … Continue reading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Non-Fungible Interviews: Rob Levy, Pixel Artist Behind the Dizzy Dragons

Dropped another Non-Fungible Interview on, this time with the pixel artist behind the Dizzy Dragons NFT collection. Rob's one of my personal favorites in the space. Just dropping this here in case anyone is interested. Trying to turn this into an ongoing series.Take care Wolf Pack, hope you're all killin' it out there!Link:

What are NFTs? The Digital Tokenization Movement

If you are an artist and still don't use [NFTs] (Non-Fungible Token), you are potentially missing [out on] millions of dollarsOlawale Daniel Just a few weeks ago I purchased my first three NFTs. They're three friendly looking dragon collectibles known as Dizzy Dragons and they each have unique traits of varying scarcity which make them … Continue reading What are NFTs? The Digital Tokenization Movement

Providing Value to Society, Capitalism, and Karl Marx

Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give.William A. Ward Around Christmas time of last year I shifted my attention to books that dealt with how to … Continue reading Providing Value to Society, Capitalism, and Karl Marx

Saddhartha Gautama (Buddha) – The Path to Enlightenment

Let him admonish, let him instruct, let him restrain from the impure. He becomes beloved of the good and hated by the evil.Buddha, "The wise man" A Quick Note: I am going to be integrating the handful of posts that I have created for my other blog Under the Philosotree into my Blog of the … Continue reading Saddhartha Gautama (Buddha) – The Path to Enlightenment

The Adventure of a Lifetime (Inspired by Christopher McCandless)

When I was a fresh high-school graduate, I followed the status quo and picked a college program to jump into before I’d even really known what I wanted to do for a living. How can you know without experience? I jumped into a Police Foundations program, probably because I’d spent my life watching way too … Continue reading The Adventure of a Lifetime (Inspired by Christopher McCandless)