A Reflection In Time

There is a longing for a day that’s passed,

Burning for a flame – extinguished,

These rains have come and poured at last,

So the flames we’ve fanned, relinquished.


Searching in the midst of lesser days,

Ghosts of what once passed, are not objective,

Memories, feelings, prone to blend and fade,

These retrospection’s tend to be subjective.


Subtle nightmares linger in the night,

Of the days we could have had it all.

I held such certainty of fading lights,

That we would bring about our fall.


Lies, like a spider, spun in my head,

To protect an ego from an ugly truth.

The patience of mine, too thin to tread,

From my stubborn, misdirected youth.


The matter spoken in words so true,

Of which was never told in whole.

In life, I never could stop loving you,

Yet, truly, missed a feeling of control.


For all of the pains which lingered here,

Solemnly, I do claim my proper share.

And, I know not where this life to steer,

Or whether broken hearts can be repaired.


One can only hope to give a pause,

On a hurt which holds a debt.

If nothing more, to make clear the cause,

Of a heart full of regrets.


Thus, I hope you find your peace,

With a hope that feels renewed,

And a weary heart which feels at ease,

In a love that over time, accrues.

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