Embracing the Unknown

I left a cumbered life of certainty,

For one more clouded and opaque,

Where my path would go; I did not know,

Or of the memories, I’d make.

The fear which started in my heart,

Then to my stomach, would fade away,

As I flexed the trust inside myself,

Like a muscle, growing day by day.

My journey brought me to new sites,

Of turquoise seas and looming cliffs.

Pains of the past made room for memories,

Of the great adventures I would miss.

Along the way, I’d met new friends,

Whom each held stories of their own.

That perspective change was to the mind,

As rich soil to a budding flower grown.

Although the journey was never clear,

There was one fact I knew I’d claim.

That by the time I would return,

I would never be the same.


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