Killing You With Kindness

The heat between our bodies kept us warm for a little while, and yet I had always expected that this wasn’t going to last forever.

We were nothing more than desperate lovers, bathing in each other’s touch. The feelings that you stirred in me dulled my sense of reality. I brought you hope and you told me what you thought I wanted to hear.

We lost ourselves in a maze of each other’s bodies, filling the voids in our hearts with the shallowness of our exchange.

I could see that you were slipping further and further into the depths of something real and yet I had no love in me to give. At least not for you, and not then.

The first cracks in your heart appeared. I could sense the growing tension across the surface of what remained. The longer this would carry on, the deeper those fingernails were going to embed into my skin.

You were not going to give me up willingly.

I could feel it in my soul and it frightened me.

There was never a part of me that wanted to hurt you. We were both floating in an ocean, but the tides were drifting us apart. Our bodies were only ever there to be loaned for use, but somewhere in the mix of sweat, saliva, and pheromones things became complicated.

There was no coming back from that new place in which we found ourselves.

Our bodies would no longer kill the pain but simply produce it.

We took one last stroll through the garden of Eden, fully knowing that it was likely to be our last.

You pushed me away and I was proud of you.

You were finally catching sight of our futility. You met yourself with honesty. I didn’t want to let you go, but no good could come from keeping you.

The clock never stopped ticking. Our romance died with the turning of the hour hand, leaving in its wake only ghosts of better times.

We were always just playing with fire.

You doubted yourself and tried to pull me back in,

But the scent of burning flesh told me that the fire was consuming us.

It was time to break your heart.

A gentle touch and kind word seemed to only draw you near.

I couldn’t keep you in my life to soothe my heart without keeping yours from mending.

I had to push you away.

My proverbial whip lashed out inflicting just enough pain to drive you back for good. It reverberated back throughout my body, leaving behind fractures of my own with whispers of ‘I’m sorry’.

We played with fire and there was a price to pay…

We both had to sizzle

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