The World’s Ablaze

I was inspired to write this by the ever-growing climate crisis that we all find ourselves involved in today, the climate change deniers and the baby president of the United States.

The World’s Ablaze

Chipmunks skitter across the patio deck,

As the sun beats down, in violent rays.

The air feels thick with the world ablaze.

Seems nature can’t cash a human check.

Destruction lay in the wake of human greed.

With the influential too self-concerned,

For riches more, than innocence burned,

An ostrich head, in sand, knows no creed.

The burden of our neglect won’t rest,

Upon the frail shoulders of our aged,

But the young, innocent and outraged.

With time increasingly more pressed.

What is a fat wallet and ignorance worth,

When the world vanished from your con?

You send sunscreens to those woebegone,

In compensation for this sizzling Earth.

Perhaps with luck, the ignorant will fall to fate,

Like foolhardy presidents with dead cat toupees,

Before our children find themselves too late,

For ambitions to exterminate the human race,

When hate and greed are leadership traits,

The world’s falling flat on its orange face.

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