Yesterday I Wrote For Me, But Today I Write For You!

Some days I write to clear my mind

Lyrical therapy tends to set me free

This sour heart which felt maligned

Blossoms under prose and poetry

However, writing doesn’t only constitute

Creations of worlds, both false and true

But from time to time, it can transmute

So that these words pour out for you

For you can write to mend a broken heart

Or lift up another writer’s self esteem

There is great power to these liberal arts

When encouraging one another’s dreams

We can write to help another see

Perspective from another point of view

Or encourage a friend to try to be

Someone they’ve always wanted to

Yesterday, I wrote for me…

But today I write for you…












6 thoughts on “Yesterday I Wrote For Me, But Today I Write For You!

    1. Ha! Yeah, the whole poem was built around those last two lines. It was partially inspired by the fact that I’ve noticed my blog does best when I balance what I share about myself with something that I can give to others. Knowledge or tips or something like that etc. Give and take. Thanks for comment. 🙂

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