Tugging At My Heartstrings

You’ve had me on the hook,

From the first glance that I took.

I’ve always looked for more, than just a perfect figure.

Yet, I couldn’t judge you, for your beauty either.

You’re the chocolate and the strawberry.

The knotted stem,

On a dark red cherry.

Plucking at my heartstrings,

You reverberate sweetness in my soul.

What if I care about you far too quickly,

To be confident,

In my sense of self-control?


A woman isn’t what I need.

Not at this moment, anyways,

I have a life I need to lead,


Before I can share my better days.


I’ve had this dance with other girls,

One too many times before.

I tend to lose my sense of purpose,

As my purpose turns to yours.


Yet, your tenderness,

Has me shook,

For a taste of what’s to come.

My heart may pull me near,

But my brain tells me to run.


I’m the moth that flaps its wings at night,

Attracted to that pale-blue light,

Seduced closer with a rhythmic hum,

Until with a shocking zap,

The moth succumbs.


I’m addicted to that feeling,

Of the excitement and the fun,

With that ever nagging question,

Could this finally be –

The one?


Yet, the answer is most likely,

That you’re just –

Another one.


Perhaps, I’m just too cynical,

For the heart that’s on my sleeve,

But my traumas nearing clinical,

So I’m searching for a reprieve.


Keep on teasing me,

Don’t let me be,

Even if it is just far too soon.

Your gravity is calling me,

The way the earth,

Is calling to the moon.

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