From The Bottom Of My Grave

What a grim look at the world above

From the bottom of my grave

Human civilization

Has become morally depraved

I’d raise my fists in anger

If they hadn’t rotted from my bones

I’d frown my brows and shout

If my jaw hadn’t rolled off on it’s own

So I’ll just lay here silently

Amused by this tranquility

How it runs contrary to humanity

The entire living world’s lack of sanity

Where can the hope for the living be?

Our time is crawling by so slowly

Like the maggots that live

Inside of me

Anxieties pass with the dead

And live on the shoulders of the living

Perhaps the negativity that I see

Will rot away in this grave with me

Where is the love?

It didn’t die with me

It’s the humans one redeeming trait

The only thing that can change their fate

From turning Earth into one mass grave

Where we all will find community

As we rot en masse in unity

We will all come together

In one way or another

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