Romantically, You Will Never Be Everyone’s Type But That’s Okay!

This is a special post for all of you people out there who have been hard on yourself at one time or another because you wanted somebody so badly, but things just didn’t work out. You’ve blamed yourself, you’ve blamed them, you’ve wondered what you could have done differently and you’ve questioned your own value. I might be overgeneralizing but I feel like a lot of us have felt this way at least once in our life time!

Sometimes things just don’t work out because they’re just not the person we’re meant to be with. Sometimes you’ve just met at the wrong time in your lives. Maybe you’ll reconnect in the future. Things happen for all kinds of reasons, but there’s one thing certain about all of this….

We can’t control life. 

Things are going to happen and many of those things are going to be less than ideal. We’re going to get hurt. We’re going to hurt other people at times, knowingly or not. We’re all less than perfect creatures and life is less than perfect, no matter what some people will try to make you believe. We are all imperfect. Perfection is a pipe dream or a an idea that exists subjectively among the individual.

We are the creators of what we deem to be perfection. 

If you’re hurt right now from a past love or if it’s a fresh pain, I feel for you. Just understand that this other person doesn’t define who you are. You are imperfectly perfect without them. Life was turned in a different direction for a reason. Don’t focus on what you’ve lost, but seek to understand what life is telling you about your purpose.

We can not control life. We can only choose how we react to life.

Don’t let life control you! Control your life. Not by controlling everything that happens to you, but by controlling how you react to it. Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions. Breathe it in, then breathe it out. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t let something negative that ruined your life for a few days or hours ruin your life for weeks or more.

Embrace the fact that the Universe was probably looking out for your best interests. For better or worse.

There’s no gloom on the horizon for you. The only horizon worth walking towards is a bright and sunny one. So no matter what you think of reality in your pessimism or negativity, why not believe that the horizon is always sunny? If it isn’t now, the earth will rotate and the horizon will be sunny tomorrow. So stop thinking about a dark horizon and focus on that sunlight. That’s where you want to be. In that sunlight. 

That’s where you’re going to be!



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