Happy Canada Day! Here Are A Few Fun Facts to Help You Celebrate Today

To all of my fellow Canadians out there, Happy Canada Day!

To everyone else abroad, you can celebrate the awesomeness that is Canada right along with us! We are an inclusive country so please join in with us in giving Canada it’s little bit of time in the sun and let’s chew on some of these fun facts that not everybody knows about Canada. We are so much more then good folk that drink Tim Horton’s coffee to a plate full of Maple Syrup topped pancakes or Zamboni drivers dodging angry beavers during hockey game intermissions. Canada is so much more and sometimes stranger than that. Yet we are not afraid to laugh at ourselves either.

So here is a list of some interesting, funny and strange facts for you about Canada.

1- The Apology Act

The Apology Act was passed in 2009 to make apologies inadmissible in court as an admission of guilt. This is a result of many Canadian’s frequent use of the word sorry as an act of sympathy or regret rather than an admission of fault.

“Oh, did you hit my rear end? Sorry about that!”

2- Kraft Dinner

Canadians consume more Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinners than any other nation in the world. As a country we consume 1.7 million boxes of KD each week out of the 7 million boxes that are distributed throughout the world. How’s that for a cheesy fact?

3- Aliens

St. Paul, Alberta was the first city in the world to create an official UFO landing pad in 1967 as a landmark for the town. The landing pad comes with a fully stocked UFO exhibit downstairs with photos of crop circles and cattle mutilations etc.

UFO Landing Pad

4- National Parks

Many of Canada’s national parks are bigger than some countries. Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta is actually larger than both Denmark and Switzerland in comparison.

5- Doughnut Shops

There are more doughnut shops per capita in Canada than in any other country in the world. If you’ve ever been to Canada than you may not be surprised. We have a particular fondness for our Tim Horton’s franchises throughout the country.

6- The Longest Coastline

Canada officially holds the title of having the longest coastline in the world (over 243,000 kilometers of it). There are estimates that if you were to start at one end and walk the coast, it would take you at least 4 and a half years to make the journey.

7- Santa Clause is Canadian

Canada does not only lay claim to the North Pole, but Santa Claus himself has officially been declared a Canadian Citizen by the national government. On top of this, it’s good to know that any person is able to write to Santa Claus and to receive an official response no matter what language is used in writing to him.  Santa Claus responds to as many as 1.5 million of these letters every year!

“Merry Christmas, eh?”

8- The Sour Toe Cocktail

At the Downtown Hotel in the Yukon city of Dawson, there’s a special drink here that is famous among the locals and Canadian tourists alike, the sour toe cocktail. In order to become a member of Sourtoe Cocktail Club, you must take a shot of liquor with a genuine mummified human toe in your glass. The famous motto at the Downtown Hotel is “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe”.

9- The Narcisse Snake Dens of Manitoba

The snakes dens are home to the largest concentration of Red Garter snakes in the world. Tourists come from all over to watch as twice a year, tens of thousands of snakes make their way in and out of their dens for the summer season.

10- Eh is an official word in Canada

According to the Oxford Dictionary, our famous interjection eh is officially a word. This fact sits well with me because I used the word a lot myself! So how’s that for your 10th fact, eh?

“Happy Canada’s Day, eh? And, B, have a great week!”

If you know of any other Canadian fun facts please feel free to share in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day! Here Are A Few Fun Facts to Help You Celebrate Today

  1. Happy Canada Day!
    With all the sea ice melting going on I’m guessing that 4 1/2 year coastline walk would be interrupted by a polar bear eating you while you’re cooking up some KD on your camp stove.

    Liked by 1 person

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