Behind the Author: Renard’s World

Hello friends and fellow bloggers,

After some deliberation I have decided to start a new weekly series on the Blog of the Wolf Boy, where I intend to interview different Authors who have successful blogs or literary works of some sort.

As an aspiring writer myself, I hope to pick these author’s brains and to learn a thing or two from them and their experiences. At the same time, I can can share this information with you, my reader, as well as introduce you to new and interesting blogs which you may not have heard of. If you are as excited as I am about the art of writing, you’re not going to want to miss these posts.

Today’s Guest: Renard of Renard’s World

The author that I have decided to interview for today’s Behind The Author interview is Renard, the author behind Renard’s World. So, a big thank you to Renard for taking some time out of his day to answer a few questions for me. Feel free to check out his blog which ranges in nature from useful blogging tips to whatever tickles his fancy really.

The Interview

Mathew: Renard, I was originally drawn to your blog Renard’s World, because you seem to focus on offering helpful advice to new bloggers in becoming successful with their own blogs. Has this always been a focus for you with Renard’s World, or did you just end up gravitating in this direction over time?

Renard: No, that has not been the case because my blog’s vision is really about miscellaneous topics. If you were to venture deep into my blog archives, you would find blog posts that are technology-related and one that discusses various types of tea.

The tagline for Renard’s World is: “My Personal Space On The Web To Post Anything That Tickles My Fancy.” That alone should indicate to others that they came across a blog that discusses things of a miscellaneous nature.

Blogging tips are one of the easiest things for me to write; mainly because I have been blogging for many years.

Also, I enjoy helping newbie bloggers.

I have seen my fair share of blogging mistakes online and I wanted to make sure that my readers became aware of them and learned how to avoid making them.

Ironically, the majority of my blog posts are based on blogging tips (So, I can clearly understand the reason why someone would think that it is a blog that deals solely with blogging advice).

Mathew: In the About Me section of your blog, you’ve stated that this was not your first attempt at blogging and that you’ve hosted multiple other blogs in the past. What has changed for you with Renard’s World in comparison to those blogs that you’ve hosted in the past and why?

RenardRenard’s World is unique in the sense that it strictly deals with what I like to refer to as, “Old-fashioned writing.”

It is a blog where people can peruse articles that fall into the category of long-form content (In the About section of my blog I specified the reason for this).

My old blogs in the past contained YouTube videos, short articles and a smattering of long-form content.

Mathew: I first discovered your blog because you were featured through WordPress’s “Discover” option in their blog reader. How did this come to be? Were you notified or was that a surprise to you as well?

Renard: Wow! That is a pleasant surprise! I never knew that I ended up in WordPress’s “Discover” option and I did not receive any notification from WordPress pertaining to it.

I can only speculate that the folks at WordPress thought that my blog was worthy of being highlighted.

Mathew: What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

Renard: My favorite thing about blogging is interacting with my fellow bloggers. Blogging would be boring if there weren’t any sort of interaction.

Mathew: What kind of books do you like to read?

Renard: I enjoy reading self-help books.

I have a collection of Law of Attraction-related books by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

And, I have some books that were written by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer (His books discuss the spiritual aspects of life and are combined with his personal wisdom).

I also have more books from other authors in my collection; but, I am not going to bore you with a long list of them.

Mathew: Do you have any future aspirations in the writing world or do you just sort of take things day by day, as they come?

Renard: Oh, I take things day by day as they come.

Mathew: Now to finish off this interview – I feel that some bloggers hit a wall at one point where they run out of good ideas, or they stop having fun with their posts and it begins to feel like a bit of a chore for them. What kind of advice would you give to a blogger who’s in a bit of a funk right now?

Renard: Most people would become dumbfounded if I said to them, “You cannot run out of good ideas!”

The truth is that we human beings are blessed with a superb level of imagination (Tap into that imagination).

Blogging should be an activity that is filled with fun; not one that feels like it is some type of chore. Therefore, bloggers should do everything within their power to make the blogging process a fun-filled activity.

Bloggers should know if they are capable of producing content for their blog on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, etc.

Unfortunately, some bloggers have chosen a blogging schedule that was incompatible for them; an example of this is a blogger forcing themselves to create content for their blog daily when they are temperamentally suited for creating content on a weekly basis.

From a realistic point of view, there are people who can create content for their blog on a daily basis, while there are others who are unable to do the same thing.

Bloggers can prevent being burnt out by knowing which blogging schedule is most ideal for them.

Would you force yourself to run twenty miles if you knew you were only capable of running five?

No, you wouldn’t!

The same thing applies to blogging. If you bite off more than you can figuratively chew, you will find yourself in a rut.

Yours Respectfully,

Renard Moreau

~Thank You!~

Thanks again to Renard Moreau for participating in this week’s Behind the Author.

If you haven’t checked him out already, you can find his blog here.

There was some fantastic advice given throughout this interview, and I hope that everyone was able to take away something useful from that exchange. Personally, I love the advice that Renard ended with in this interview, because I agree that blogging should be about having fun! When you’re having fun as a writer, it comes through in your work and the reader can feel that. Where as if you are pumping out the content just for the sake of pumping out the content, it’s probably going to feel pretty dull and lifeless. So let’s make a good time of it and celebrate each other’s creativity!

There are already more interviews in the works. So stay tuned for next week’s Behind the Author. 🙂



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