Running In The Moonlight

Sitting high upon a rocky hill,

In the frigid cool spring air,

I set my eyes upon a sunset,

I feel the wind blow in my hair.

The calming silence holds me tight,

As I embrace the coming of the night.

My mind drifts off in visions,

Where I run towards the light.

With the moonlight to the rear of me,

It gives me such a fright.

Every ounce of who I am,

Loves this life too much

To fall asleep.

Just to have a set of dreams,

Which in the morn,

I cannot keep.

Yet, no matter what I do,

No matter,

How I can resist,

The night always finds a way,

To continually persist.

So, I close my eyes,

With hesitation,

As I warm my heart

To relaxation.

I’ve always loved my dreams,

Just haven’t remembered one

In years.

They pass me by

So silently, unless

Ingrained by fears or tears.

So, now my sleep is emptiness,

In an all consuming void.

My breathe of life,


By sleeping’s been destroyed.

I’ll awake again tomorrow,

Excited to see the world outdoors,

The rising of the sun,

Where orange and purple

Rays will pour,

To mark the day’s begun,

And that life has been restored.

Sixteen hours to go,

Until I break once more,

With everything I know,

For the sleeping I abhor.






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