Judge Me

Have you ever felt judged by someone that just doesn’t understand you, and you get tired of trying to explain yourself? Some people can be so infuriating, especially when they think they have you pegged before they even attempt a discussion.

At least it makes for some inspired poetry.

Judge Me

Feel free to judge me

from way on high –

up top that ivory tower.

I’ve witnessed many times


dispositions turning sour.

Your words may carry weight

with some,

but they’re feathers on my back.

I’m so used to being judged,


I struggle to fit in with the pack.

If you make no effort to understand

another point of view,

then why should I explain, sincerely,

why I do the things I do?

If you’re hoping I’ll concede

to a stubborn ego,


From down below

I can see you breathe

an air of superiority.

If it’s all the same to you,

I might expect

to cut you free.


It’s not to say

I can’t confess,

when I know I’m in the wrong.

I seek to do no harm –

I’ve just evolved to be



You could talk with me,


the way I hope I’d talk to you.


don’t be surprised,

If I just reject the words you spew.

I’m not afraid

of your masquerade,

the way you make it

a dinner and a show.

I judge the words

by the character

of the one behind the row.


Judge me




It doesn’t bother me

if I anger you;

maybe, I’m doing something


You can’t appease them all,


it’s illogical to feel contrite.

I will be me,

and you be you,

acting out of spite.


The funny thing about feedback,

which I’m certain you will learn,

the ones who speak

in words uncouth,

tend to take it in return.

You can waste your time

obsessed with those

with whom you disagree;

and I will waste my time

ignoring you,

it’s my solemn



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