A Tale of Two Widows – A Terrible Poem

A Tale of Two Widows

Two arachnids met eyes across a room
All eight pairs of eyes made contact in fact
Her bulbous rump made males swoon
Those long legs called out for contact

Mmmm-mmmm yum yum yum
He thought of her in ecstasy
We sure will get us much of some
Then lay there tangled plain to see

Dreaming up their spider plans
They spoke to make a web for both of thee
He was arachnid putty in her hands
She hissed, “you’ll always be a part of me”

He thought he knew just what she meant
Like newly webs, not you or I, but we!
After sticky reproduction, hungry and so spent,
He attempted to leave the web sheepishly

Yet was asked to stay for dinner
To which he had agreed but feels remorse
Since he’s digesting in her innards
As her web-of-lies main course

Image Attribution: “Black widow” by damack1 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


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