The Struggle Between Good And Evil

Deep inside, there’s an everlasting struggle.

A war has been brewing,

Between the good and bad,

I juggle.

A darkness all encompassing


A brightness I’ve been summoning.


The hell hounds line the battlefront,

The angels gather in opposition.

Many will die,

But only one will cry.


Bloodstained bed-sheets,

Or is that just my sweat?

Sometimes, I’m hardly catching breath,

From this existential threat.


Who will win?

It’s still a mystery.


I’ll have to wait to see

Who conquers me,

Whether I claim it as my destiny,

Or regrettably, a tragedy.


My world’s shattered,

This heart’s battered,

My mind’s scattered.


Nothing but intensity,

Living in my anxiety,

A world of super density,


Questionable notoriety.


I’ll bow my head to the winning side,

Before they save me,

Or tan my hide.

The empty space between both sides,

Is beginning to divide.


I may not know the particulars,

But there’s no room left for prisoners.


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