I’ve Loved You Many Times Before

Our love, it comes and goes, it seems,

As if I’m living in a dream.

In one moment, we’re on fire

And in the next,

Simply embers,

Of all our past desires.


There’s a space in my heart,

Reserved for you.

When you’d left, love laid bare.

When you’d near, love accrued.

If I had to choose,

I’d keep you here.


How many sunsets and sunrises,

Must we watch together,

Before we’re awash by these tides,

That pull?


Like two dolls being knocked

Together at the heads,

Wasn’t this our idea of love,


I’m not sure that I’ve evolved.


Tender lips,


Rocking hips,


A smile that cuts and burns.


I’m feeling kind of nauseous,

From all these twists and turns.

I’d save myself the toil,

Of tumbling, once more,

Yet, the thought makes me recoil.

So, on broken wings, we sore.


I’m elevated,

But, then,



You pull,

And I push.


I push,

And you pull.


Perhaps, it’s a glass half-full?


Welcome to our reality,

Just stay a while longer.

So I can swim inside your eyes,

Before our tides grow any stronger.

I’ll drink from your sea,

As it floods over me,

To only make me thirstier,

For this love defined by irony.


I’ve loved you many times before,

So, what’s the harm in love, once more?


10 thoughts on “I’ve Loved You Many Times Before

      1. Third is still okay I guess. But fourth on the same person? That’s obviously starting to be a routine. Love should make us better not stupid. For me a relationship that goes in a wheel instead of continuing to escalate is toxic.
        Ugh 😨 I feel like a preacher. Sorry about that.

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