Fly Away With Me

Come along,

Just fly away with me,

 Far above our tender earth.

High above those turquoise seas,

Through soft white clouds,

Then swoop,

To touch the trees.


Feel the tickle of the leaves,

On your fingertips,

Over mountaintops,

Through deep dark caves,

And humid jungles,

Across the Everglades,

Around the world,

Off Atlas’ shoulders,

Then into space,

From off our boulder.

Across the sun afar,


Pass the endless stars,

Might we ever fly too far?

Where else can our imagination go?

That’s something only we will know.


I close my eyes,

To start a story,


To my surprise,

In all it’s glory,

Before myself it doth appear,

Another universe is near.


I’ve mastered the art

Of time and space,

Inside my head,

Inside this place,

But I feel like a crazy man instead.


It’s so vivid,

I believe it.

If it didn’t happen here,

It happened somewhere.

I believe it.

If by will, I conceived it,

I believe it.

My characters,

They’re love to me,

A part of me,

Not falsity.

The landscapes in my mind,

Paint like fluid

Art to me.


It’s all a part of me.


When the world’s full of red tape,

It makes for a wild escape.

Yet once I can conceive it,

I  believe it.


My reality’s reshaped.


34 thoughts on “Fly Away With Me

      1. Me too, life without adventures is boring.

        And you beat me to it! I was about to inform you now. I got nominated after each other so I got impatient decided to answer and throw them all in one day haha 😀 I don’t normally care, but these are from my favorite bloggers and besides it’s kind of fun. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I am proud and excited…
        My book is about me with a little twist.. And more can’t I tell you, I am sorry…
        But, I hope my poem collection is out this autumn…
        What will your novel be about? (If I van ask)…

        Liked by 1 person

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