Shall I Stay, or Shall I go – To Lands Unknown?

A Collaborative Poem Written By

Bhagyashree (InkandThoughts) and Mathew (Blog of the Wolf Boy)

Out of a large, water-soaked windowpane,
I heard the horizons calling,
Calling me to a life full of quests.
With winds and hues of joys,
Where my heart won’t rip in pain,
And my soul will dance in spree.

Overjoyed, I turn around to find,
Souvenirs of my life to take along,
On a journey, conquering the world,
And to be away from one,
Which never accepted, my body or my mind,
To a place where I could truly belong.

But, something holds me back,
As my legs walk towards my dream,
Stifling my neck as I try to breathe happiness,
Ghost of a smile etched on my face, glancing,
At a crumpled white sheet against a black
Backdrop of responsibilities, acting as a seam.

The letter smiles at me, slyly,
Inviting me to a life of dutiful death,
Promising respect, money, power,
And a man worthy of success.
Realizing the cost, my eyes well up idly,
For an unfulfilled life which saps my breath.


I think all these things and I wonder
What’s a worse fate to endure?
To be the one who’s tried and failed,
Or feed a life that’s lost its allure?

It seems to me, the remedy,
Is to do that which scares me most,
So, I’ll dry these eyes and pack my bags
For I’ve more to lose, not far, but close.

I close my eyes and drift off to a warmer place,
Where a gentle breeze plays on my skin,
And foreign melodies permeate open space,
While I dance to the lands I’ve never been.

There’s something sweet about losing yourself,
In unique and distant discoveries.
There may be bitterness in hard farewells,
But I’ll take heart in exotic things of sundry.

I’m awake and aware that life had not begun,
Until this day where I grew brave,
And marched my way into the rising sun,
To find my peace and soul, before my grave.

If fortune favors courage, as they say,
My tomorrow is going to be a brighter day.
Walking down new paths I’ve paved,
Towards a life I’ve not, but only craved.

We each wrote a section of this poem and put them together to tell the story of a young guy deciding whether he should chase a career or follow his dreams somewhere far away. Bhagyashree is fairly new to the blogging game, so feel free to check her blog out and show her some love as well. 😊


5 thoughts on “Shall I Stay, or Shall I go – To Lands Unknown?

    1. Yeah, I could see that! I think it gets a little muddy near the end of the first half. It was kind of tricky to merge two people’s unique styles into one poem rather than just writing one truly cohesive piece :p I don’t think I would do it again like that, but it was worth a shot and an interesting challenge. Thanks for your honesty 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have this policy that unless it threatens to harm you, never say no before trying it, then wonder if was for the best 😀
        It wasn’t bad. If you did not write that it was from two people I just think that you wrote it in two different voices.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Like I’ve said to you in the past I think, I’m not afraid to try and fail. 😉 Probably one of my greatest strengths actually. We never know what may work or not until we try it. It’s all about having fun anyways. Thanks for your feedback.


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