Looking Down From High Above

I’ve been watching you through all life’s stages

I’ve been away for a long while now

It feels like ages

I can hear your thoughts and words,

As I share my freedom

with the birds

And the breeze.

The lands and the seas.

I feel your heart and my hand rests

Forever on your shoulder.

I hope you know that

Because I want to see you warmer,

Not colder.


I know you didn’t want to lose me,


I didn’t want to lose you too.

If I could stay with you forever,

I’d still be there, it’s true.

So, you could feel my touch

And I’d reassure you of the love

That I feel for you, so much.


I’m forever proud of you.


I want you to remember the journey,

Long before my exit on that gurney.

A life full of laughter needn’t be scarred,

By the word’s we shan’t accost,

And a moment that felt so hard.


Not all is lost.


When the breeze brushes your skin,

I’m caressing you.

When you feel a calling to your purpose,

That’s me pressing you.

I may have passed, but I’m never gone.

The sun may have set,

But, don’t shun the dawn.

Bathe in the light without regret.


I know this time is stressing you,

But, I will always be here, blessing you.

Never forget, that you are not alone.


Even though we’ve parted,

With all we’ve known,

Here is just a place like home.


When you think, of all the love we’ve grown,

Pass it on to those with love, less shown.

I’ve nurtured that heart inside of you,

So you could share it with others too.


And when you begin to feel, I left too soon,

Just look up towards the stars in space.

For that’s where I took my place.

So, I could watch you from,

That white moon’s face.


I’ve never stopped loving you,

So, please, don’t waste your time feeling blue.

It was just my time to say, “adieu”.

I don’t want it to harm your point of view.


This is for all of you out there who have lost someone special.

May you find your peace.





48 thoughts on “Looking Down From High Above

  1. I feel as though this was written to a child… it aches with a parents deep and resounding love, in the desire to instill comfort and reiterate the irrevocable love we feel, even in death… 😭💔

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Have you never heard that saying?? When you said throw me to the wolves it reminded me…. it means they’re a more manipulative form of wolves. It felt apropos – considering you’re wolf boy and I’m foxes and poems. 😂 but I see now it was sorta random

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely. I will take that title proudly! 😉

    It’s kinda ironic/hilarious you’re into wolves. I’ve recently written quite a bit about wolves specifically, as a metaphor for betrayal. Two recent examples of the top of my head are ‘Never ply Paradox’ and ‘What happened to the words?’

    … But I might have to rethink that stance on the beautiful beasts now that we’re friends.

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      1. Interesting… I do know they have a very beautiful and respectful way of travelling in formation. The alpha remains in the back, and the eldest up front. I guess it’s a good thing we’re both Canidae.

        Canis Lupus and Vulpes Vulpes.

        Liked by 1 person

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