The Battered White Knight

There once was a chivalrous knight,

Who fought late into the night.

His armor shined of white,

In the beaming of the moonlight.

This knight, he held a code.

A code of chivalry.

This code he had enforced,

From atop his trusty steed.

In battle he fought valiantly,

With sword and shield in his grasp.

He took his beatings gallantly,

For the code within his clasp.

By the end of his adventures,

He had nothing left to show,

Except for bumps and bruises,

And a whole new set of woes.

Beaten and in tatters,

His journey at an end,

Fighting for all that mattered,

Against those that he’d contend.

Renowned, he was not, in history,

For all the battles that he’d won.

His deeds remained a mystery,

Because he did it all for fun.

If he were asked, if he regretted,

Giving away so much for not,

He’d say, t’was never about the credit,

Justice was the reason that he fought.

20 thoughts on “The Battered White Knight

  1. I fight if not for Mulan, then maybe my kids, my daughter “a girl worth fighting for”. 🎵🎶 i make disney into everything, or vice versa.
    I fight because I don’t know how not to fight, apparently. I fight the fray so subtle it looks as if I am fondling phantom freight trains when really I’m doing something much more sinister.
    In a world where it’s fight or flight, because one state cannot be maintained indefinitely, I guess I’m in fight mode now because staying out of other people’s troubles gets you called out for being a fence sitter, or as of you’re somehow better than they are? So fuck it. I’ve come down, I’m landed. And I ain’t no friggen angel or bird either. I’m a pterosaur and I’m not fight/flight… I fuck shit up. How’s that for getting involved, aye?! Screech scraw, one of my many faced archetype is the destroyer. Godzilla in not-Tokyo swishy his tail and away quetzacoatlus goes! (Prepping for another air drop attack somewhere I supposed. Birds of resplendent feathers tickle the fancy of collectors and merchants. Everyone is for sale if you can provide the right price)

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      1. hahaha I legit have a folder of all these screen caps of my words, and I told myself I would eventually put them up on cultofkim. and I still haven’t because…. ugh, there’s new stuff to explore. I’m sure I’ll eventually get around to it. perhaps.

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