The Young and The Reckless

We were young and reckless,

Drinking all night, sleeping all day,

Nobody was looking to us for the future.

Yet, the future came anyways.


What were we thinking back then?


I changed somewhere,

But, I don’t know when.


I’m not sure why I drank so much,

My liver seemed to be my only giver.

In a drunken stupor, temporary bliss,

I found peace, from swimming hard upriver.


We had no dreams for what may lay ahead.

We lived the present hard, without much thought.

We didn’t care too much if we’d end up dead,

Some like us, received exactly as they sought.

We lived for distractions;



And lusty attractions.


We closed our minds off to the world,

And into the abyss,

Our dreams,

We hurled!


If life wasn’t going to come easy,

We were prepared to live it sleazy.


How young and dumb we were,

Living life in a queasy blur,

Through broken words, and murmured slurs,

That life was doomed from whence it spurred.


We’ve all grown up since,

But not all of us,

Have quite matured.


Some talk big talk, but they’re just words.

They don’t see that past existence,

Was always nothing,

But, absurd.


Our self-destruction was always self-assured!




13 thoughts on “The Young and The Reckless

  1. Beautiful and inspirational. Change happens before we notice it. Unfortunately, not everyone do. This poem really illustrate the depressing side of living. Sadly, there are some people who think that those who drink and do drugs are living to the fullest. I think not.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know. That’s why I said I think not. Though, I never tried drugs, I’ve been around people who almost tempted me to use it. They are friends who are suffering more than anyone who whines about how bad their life is. “Drowning in temporary joy” as I often say. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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