Love, Oh yeah – That thing

I’m shaking like an earthquake,

This heart’s ready to explode.

My whole body is aching,

My confidence erodes


My problem with love,

When there’s a risk to be taken.

I’d oft prefer my dreams,

Except, I’m still afraid I’ll waken.


So, instead I jump start,

The aching of this lonely heart.


Sweet smiles make my heart melt,

And weak knees,

Leave me,

 Beyond help.


The more I feel,

The less I say.

So afraid of your rejection,

I just let it slip away.


Is this why I choose to be alone?

To avoid a gentle torture,

Which cracks my bones?

I’d rather not drop my guard


I always knew this dating stuff was hard


What’s happened with my withered trust?

 Will I be destined to swap,

Great love, for lust?

My heart can’t take another flop,

From atop this heartbreak mountaintop


Another night, another crush,

Another drink,

Another lush.


Twenty eight years crawling,

On hands and knees,

Is leaving me disinterested,

In finding one to please.


Yet, the heart keeps pouring love,

Behind an underwhelming dam.

I’ll be releasing from it,

Just enough,

To not drown in who I am .










Did my childhood fuck me up that bad?

My walls are built up,

So damn high!


I fear to live the life of a nomad.









29 thoughts on “Love, Oh yeah – That thing

  1. oh my oh my… many emotions….it was a roller coaster to read this many phrases that described strength, weakness, fragility, pain and love….a screaming soul with so much within……
    This was amazing, thank you<3

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  2. A wonderful read for me my friend. I have been with my soul mate since the age of 15, so not knowing any better, I can be one of those that can say…”better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.” Your words show me the other side of failed love.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words.

      Here’s an excerpt from Psychology Today about that classic line by Alfred Lord Tennyson:

      ‘Tis better to have loved and lost
      Than never to have loved at all.

      “If you define love narrowly as romantic love, operationalized as marriage (though I surely don’t), then Tennyson has been felled by science – the data show that it’s just not true. In happiness, health, longevity, and just about everything else that has been studied (except maybe wealth), people who have always been single do better than people who were previously married (divorced or widowed).”

      So I’m already effed either way :p
      Might as well ride this crazy train now

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