I Suffer

I live life, day by day,

With these varied emotions,

I convey.


Yet, I find,

There’s still nothing quite as bittersweet,

As my sorrow in defeat.


I keep my chin up,

And I’m liable to trip.

I’ve been drinking from an empty cup,

Without an ounce of liquid, I can sip.


Why do I feel this way?

My own heart,

I doth betray.


Perhaps, I’ve grown to reel in pain,

And now, it’s just too comfortable,

From inside my messed up brain.


Even though I am combustible,

Being happy feels insane.


If I’m one with the fabric of life,

I fall upon it like a stain.

From inside this tortured,

Writer’s brain.


My heart is full of love and sadness,

But, my love is overshadowed,

By all life’s madness.

I give my happiness away to others,

So, I can see them feeling well.

Because, even though I’m happy here,

In sorrow,

I know this life is hell.


I’m tough enough to endure,

This malaise,

While my heart’s alight,

In a flickering blaze.

Not everyone deserves a taste.

Of how a life of torture,

Can be a waste.


I want to save you.


I want to suffer.

So, you don’t have to.

I only feel my love, through you.

Your life needs not,

Be any tougher.

If life’s a maze,

I’ll help you through.

Before these waves get any rougher.

I care not, how I end my days,

If I can light a smile upon your face.

For when there’s joy within your heart,

I feel it too.

I may not feel my joy for me,

Yet, I do for you.

And, that’s a pleasant place to start.


I suffer


I get older


I grow tougher


And feel colder


I still suffer,

But, I’ve grown bolder.


I want to take your pain, and heal you.

I want us to weep in unity,

So you know, my words,

Are true.


For my troubles will be few,

If I can bathe in simple joys with you.

For you give me hope,

That I may yet see this life through

13 thoughts on “I Suffer

  1. I felt every word…. so much emotions… dark, creepy, battered, pain, shadows… welcome to my soul.. nice to meet you Mathew.
    I always write, it is my way to heal….
    I love this poem, don’t ever stop writing❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow.. I am just me.. and I wish you all the best.. I don’t know you so well yet.. but I know when my soul meet another wonderful soul….and with the heart in the right place.
        ❤️»see» you.

        Liked by 1 person

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