Fear and the CN Tower

Running fast across tempered glass,

A thousand feet up in the sky.

Tempting fate and engineering,

As I stomp on glass, up high.


No, wait.


I lie!


I was too afraid of that,

I barely touched the glass.


Perhaps, I didn’t have the brass.


I remember the CN Tower,

Fulfilled my childish dream.

Challenged my willpower,

But at least I didn’t scream.


Not outside my brain, I mean.


I was such a different person then,

So much more afraid, of the world

Around me.

Everything had seemed to me,

Appropriately confounding.


I may not be less afraid,

But I’m less controlled by fear.

I’ll do just what I need to do,

As I enter new frontiers.


All the time.


No, wait!


Most the time?


More so.


Let’s make it all-time, one day soon!

Before the darkness in the land is strewn,

In the glow of a Winter’s frozen moon.


This art was inspired by this poem, by the wonderful Orkidedatter.

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