Living to Die – 50 Word Thursday (Challenge)

A 50 Word Challenge

I’ve decided to try out a challenge that I’ve never yet participated in. The challenge revolves around being presented with a picture and a quote, then creating a short story inspired by said quote and photo. The story is meant to be in 50 word intervals up to 250 words in total.

This challenge is originally posted and hosted here, by Kristian:

Anyways – the photo was my featured image and the quote was, ““If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained.” ― Neil Gaiman

Interesting creative writing challenge, by the way!

My Entry (100 Words)

Every day he dug his own grave just a little bit deeper. He wasn’t aware he was doing this, but every day in an unhappy routine, was just another day sacrificed on the way to his inevitable end. He lived for the weekends, although living for the weekends was suicidal.

“It’s the same for everyone”, he thought to himself to justify his unhappy life. He planned for a big trip at retirement to take him across the country in an RV. Except at 64 he dropped dead while sitting in his recliner watching Anthony Bourdain and daydreaming of future travels.

41 thoughts on “Living to Die – 50 Word Thursday (Challenge)

      1. Both my friend.. but I have to do more tomorrow… I am so tired right now… I am sorry your awards from you to me is so late… ❤️
        Take care, and thank you for being you❤️

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  1. This is a really nice story! It really got me thinking that I should try to live in the moment instead of just day dreaming about what I want to do “then”. Really well done!

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