No More Muted Voices

Let’s get real,

Let’s stop filtering our minds.


No deal!


Those who live a life to con,

Against those who seek to do no wrong.


The ones who dream for the collective,

Rather than humanity’s few selective.

The ones who are just too scared to fight,

Are now invited to our plight.


If only the ones whom exude –

Verbal diarrhea and bad attitudes,

Are the ones to speak their minds,

Then why are we called human-KIND?


Meanwhile, thoughtful people,

Not wanting to be rude,

Find themselves too feeble,

To speak their honest points of views.


“Didn’t your mother ever tell you,

That if you have nothing nice to say –

You shouldn’t say it, too?”


Well things need to work both ways,

Yet only those with dignity follow through.

So that all the murmuring in public place,

Is that, which, by sickness grew.


The muted mouths and cloistered hearts,

Need to find their voices for our start.

At creating ourselves a better planet,

For all of our sons and daughters –


In this time and place,

With the human race.


Unlike the animals,

Our extinction,

Has not yet shown it’s face.

So, speak up ye quiet breed!

Open your heart and live from it!

You have the power to succeed.

If we counter attempts, against us,

Which keep us running senseless –

By loosening these tongues we’ve bit.

Have integrity with your sprawling,

Just have yourself a voice,

By choice.

Don’t traverse through life by crawling,

Learn to speak your truth.




For all of our brave,

Heroic youth!

This one goes out to all of those young people looking to make a difference in the world.

6 thoughts on “No More Muted Voices

  1. The only “revolution” I’ve noticed is group upon groups of people wanting “change” for the sake of “change”. In case nobody has noticed, but we live in a world where it seems wrong to utter the word “improvement” or “worsen” out of fear of appearing “judgmental” or whatever buzzword the populace can create.

    Nobody dares to actually make an “improvement”. People merely want to “change” or “be different”, and this isn’t improvements. A revolution, especially those pursued in the past, were all about the “improvement”; though, now these so-called “revolutions” are merely history-inspired “shout-outs”, that could be endless, due to how endless is the word “change”, by itself.

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    1. Well, the world is changing right now whether we like it or not, and even wanting the absence of change is going to require a revolution sooner rather than later. Before we fall down a hole so deep that it’s impossible to climb back out of.

      I’m fine to have my voice heard and I know there are others like that. To just generalize the world as being indifferent or all-talk, is not entirely true (although, yes there are a lot of people like that out there). There are also people out there fighting against the odds for what they believe is morally right and they deserve huge respect.

      It’s a shame that there are some countries where one can’t speak about “change” or “improvement” openly and honestly though without worrying about retribution =/

      Thanks for reading, and your feedback!

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      1. What you described is a long-term problem for Americans, and other “Americanized” countries, and that problem is “paranoia”.

        And I’m always one to say that this obsession with “anxiety” and “worry” is all very needless. We say that to be depressed, or to be anxious should not be met with words like, “Get over it,” because we will say that depression or anxiety is a real problem for many people.

        But, what many people seem to forget and what I, myself, aim to prove in this world, is that anxiety (or fear) and depression (or guilt) are focuses themselves. You focus on anxiety, then you embed anxiety, or fear. You focus on depression, then you embed depression, or guilt. That is, the more you treat these things, like depression or anxiety, as problems, or illnesses, then you merely cause a population to be shaped by them, and what results is confusion.

        If you haven’t noticed, Americans have a huge focus on their past, and this generates depression. And if you haven’t noticed as well, Americans have a huge focus on the future, and the uncertainties that come with the future, and among the dismantled family unit of no man to govern a household, there has been non-stop anxiety and constant uncertainty.

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      2. Deep –

        Well, I’m a Canadian but we are deeply affected by everything happening in America right now. We also have our own issues going on up here in Ontario with our provincial government.

        As for anxiety and depression, I agree, that if you believe it is an unstoppable illness then you are bound to live it inevitably as such. It’s a way of thinking which needs to be changed and it’s a pattern.

        I’ve been working on my own, anxiety/depression issues by working on my thinking patterns. Which takes quite a bit of work, journaling and self-awareness.

        Fear mongering is a huge problem in America right now, I think. To some extent, it’s also a big problem in others countries too. It’s a way to control the masses. It’s manipulation.

        All I can think to do is encourage those who do want change, to not be held back by fear and to follow their moral compasses.

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

        Reminded me of this quote.

        I just truly want a better world for my daughter when she grows up.

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