The Dragon Warrior

A young girl sits,

On the peak of a great hill,

Under a star-filled sky,

Behind a creaky old windmill,

Following the trails of Dragons with her eyes.


She’s sweet and humble,

With strength and resolve,

If you fought with her dragon’s,

She’d be,

Quite frankly,



But, she wouldn’t let it last


Before you knew,

What ran you through.

She’d be right there –

Kicking your ass.

Like no every-day lass.


She’s called the Dragon warrior,

At least by the coroner.

For all the bodies he’s disposed,

Of the fallen, of her foes.

It causes some to stop and wonder,

Why dragon’s need their dazzling fires,

Or roars of screeching thunder?


Perhaps, when she retires.


If a war begins, by some human’s ire,

Mutual destruction would be assured,

In the midst of  blood, steel and hellfire,

Neither’s future quite secured.


Thus, the Dragon’s, she defends.


By a stroke of insanity,

But also for humanity,

And to keep the drakes from death’s cold hands.

This poem is dedicated to my blogger friend, Dragon Warrior.








42 thoughts on “The Dragon Warrior

  1. Oh my oh my, it is so beautiful. She is gonna be so happy and filled with so much love and joy in her heart.
    She deserves all the best, and you honoring her in a wonderful way❤️
    You are so much love, and she are so much love too. I feel so honored to call you both a friend.
    You❤️Dragon Warrier❤️
    I can’t express how I feel about you two.

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  2. Oh, Wolf Boy, I am so very thankful to you for this. This is the very first time in my life anybody has ever done something like this for me. A million thanks for all the kind and good words you have said to me. I can’t thank you enough… Really…
    It meant so much to me, brightening my day and filling with the heart with butterflies. Thank you so much!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Reblogged this on Den of Dreams and commented:
    This is the very best gift I have ever received in my entire blogging journey. Can’t thank you enough, Wolf Boy… You have showered me stars and a beautiful fragrance in my rainy days. My millions of thanks to you for this amazing gesture. You are the most talented poet I have ever met with a brave and charming personality… Thank you very much!

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      1. Same – currently working on a Proofreading course & prepping for final exams while waiting to hear back from two different job vacancies from Exeter Uni & a John Lewis/Waitrose training scheme (worked in retail since finishing uni).

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      2. *freeze-frame*
        *record screech*
        “Yup, it’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation.”
        *roll opening titles*

        Hope you find what you’re hoping for!

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