The Road of Curiosities – Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Another creative writing challenge, and my first attempt at this one.
The challenge is to create a story of under 300 words to accompany the picture which I have used for the feature of this post.

You can find the original challenge post here.

And, here’s my little piece of work, bahah. 😉

The Road of Curiosities


A young girl sits in the back seat of an Oldsmobile station wagon, staring out the window at the autumn leaves on the side of the highway. She watched intently as they’d drop gently to the dry earth below. She watched the squirrels playing in the branches, collecting their acorns and forage for the coming Winter. She watched with attention as one squirrel chased another from tree to tree, in a fit of territorial aggression.

“You are what you eat”, she remembered her Mother telling her earlier, when she refused a second serving of broccoli with lunch. “That must be why squirrels act nuts”, she concluded.

The drive was long and tiresome across state as her parents talked and squabbled intermittently in the front seats. What else she could learn about the world on this long drive?

She looked at her mother’s face while she was busy speaking with her father. She noticed those golden hooped earrings which she always wears, and she contemplated those hoops. “Who invented those and why?”

She imagined they were once used to detect vibrations from far away, like a loud shout or the roar of a hungry animal. They must have been the accessories of a true warrior years ago. Maybe that’s why her mother seems to hear everything in the house and why her Dad always gets in trouble for not listening. “Maybe I’ll surprise Daddy with earrings for Christmas”, she thought and giggled to herself. What a silly looking man he’d be. At least he could turn down the volume on the Sunday night football games he’s always watching. She finds the narrations incredibly boring.

Just another drive across state with a curious mind, always in search of more answers.

Thank you for hosting this Fandango. This has been fun. 🙂


22 thoughts on “The Road of Curiosities – Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. You got me caught from the first line…. this was good…
    impressed with how you spell out your short stories…
    I have to mess around with snapchat too.. it is fun, if this filter are in Norway yet…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s like your writing about me. I mean, who thinks that earrings detect vibrations and how it must have been an idea of an ancestor’s? I’m really curious how your train of thoughts got you that idea XD

    Liked by 2 people

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