When You Hit Rock Bottom. There’s Nowhere to Go But Up!

“Look up, always. Look back, never.” ― Karen Quan

Just a Quick Note: Some of my oldest posts, I plan on re-editing and releasing again in the next month or so, because my writing was still very amateur in the beginning and they were never really read, but I believe the messages in those posts were important.

This is one of those posts. Thanks for reading.

Rock Bottom

Today I’m writing for all of you out there who have at one time or another, felt like you’ve hit absolute rock bottom. Maybe that’s you right now. Maybe you’ve been that way once before or will feel that way one day in the future. I’ve been there myself, a number of times. Life can feel hopeless and overwhelming. The situations that you’re dealing with can feel insurmountable and it’s easy to begin to lose faith in yourself. It’s easy to lose faith in the power that you have inside of you.

Hitting rock bottom can be a hugely negative experience, but just know that it can also be your saving grace, pushing you forward in life by acting as a catalyst for important changes required to improve your life forever for the better.

Perhaps some of your weaknesses have been exposed in a bad relationship, maybe you’ve been let go from a career that’s never really made you happy etc.. Perhaps you blame yourself for a number of things from your bad experiences. Yet, if you decide to look at these uncomfortable situations as an opportunity for growth and learning, then at least, looking back on it, you can be proud of how far you’ve come because of it.


We can never truly be defeated by a terrible experience unless we give up and surrender to the belief that we deserved no better than what we ended up with.

It happens to all of us. We will all struggle at some point in our lives, with some sort of loss, grief, anxiety or depression. That’s one of the downsides to being human, these damned emotions.

“I swear, I was just cutting onions…”

You should know that we all have the power to change our perspectives and there is always hope. Gratification is hardly ever instant, but making tiny bits of progress every day towards some goal that is going to bring purpose to your life will help you to recover inevitably. You just need to figure out what that is and start moving in that direction.Motivate yourself. Share your goals with the people that you love and the people that love you back. Trust yourself.  

What’s making you unhappy right now? Maybe you’re stuck in a typical 9 to 5 that just helps you make ends meat and puts food on the family table, but it’s missing something. Maybe there’s some issues in your relationship that leaves you feeling lackluster. There’s honor in fulfilling the needs of the family that you love, just don’t completely disregard your own happiness if you’re miserable. Change careers and if your relationship is bad enough consider counselling or moving on.

It’s a good lesson to imagine, from time to time, the life that you want to be living in the future. Daydream away and let it motivate you. Make it real in your mind and then keep taking steps towards that image in your head. If you never give up, persistence can take you an incredibly long way. As long as you’re persistent and stubborn, constantly pushing forward, you will reach your goals. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next week, but it will be inevitable and worth it.

Sometimes bad things happen to us in life and the best thing that we can do for ourselves is ask, “What can I change?”,  and then answering that question honestly without making excuses. I truly believe that all beings are capable of great peace and happiness. That we are always doing one of two things in our every day lives; moving closer towards that happiness, or moving farther away into a void of endless dissatisfaction and despair.


I hope that you choose happiness! I hope that you choose to bring yourself closer to what is truly best for you and if it’s not easy, that you then choose to fight for it, because if your life isn’t worth fighting for, then what is?

I truly hope that everyone in their lifetime will understand the truth of this for themselves and know that they are never limited by their pasts or mistakes or current situation or even the abuses received by others. We can create our futures. We can shape healthier thinking and habits for our future selves. Our mind is that powerful.

As we’ve grown through life, we’ve collected experiences and beliefs which we may think define us as a person. This is our ego hard at work, because we want to be able to know who we are and we look to our experiences for the answer. Except the truth of the matter is that what we’ve given and received in the past does not define us, it’s just what we’ve done or had happen to us. In a million other random occurrences we may have acted a million different ways or thought a million other thoughts.

We are anything that we want to be and anyone who we want to be. We just need to dare to reach out and grab our future. We need to dare to believe it’s possible for us. We need to love ourselves enough that we want to reach out and gift ourselves a beautiful horizon. We need to put the sorrows of our past behind us and grant us the opportunity to smile and laugh and feel joy.

Sometimes our ego is shaped by how others see us, which is even further from the truth of who we actually are, because they can not possibly understand us better than we understand us, if we are fair and honest with ourselves. So be a critic of yourself, and decide what you think about you, and don’t let other dissuade you from being authentic. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world around you. Others will love you for it, you just need to be brave enough to be you.


These ingrained beliefs can never determine who we are tomorrow. We just need to be able to separate our fictions of ourselves from our reality, and our fictions of the world. Those thoughts which make us afraid of our future, “I’m not good enough for…”, “I’ll never be able to….”, “I’m not smart enough to…” are all the beginnings of insecure fictions of your perceived future.  We need to challenge these beliefs and ask “why?”. Our beliefs need to be thrusting us forward in life, rather than holding us back, and when our beliefs are this limiting and damaging, we should stop listening!

As human beings, we are natural creators. We are capable of understanding and shaping not only our lives but the lives of those around us. How are your actions and beliefs serving you? How are they serving those closest to you? Do you want to change or are you happy with who you are? Are you honest with yourself?

Never stop asking yourself questions, never stop answering honestly, and never stop believing that you are capable of great change and great accomplishments. You can change the world like all of those people that you admire, if you are just daring enough to try.

You may not have the proof of your capabilities just yet, but it all will start with believing in yourself first!

I sincerely wish this for all of you. The people of this world and our societies can greatly benefit from a surplus of good, happiness and love. This is how society evolves for the benefit of all and love spreads like a cure for a terrible disease.

Thoughts? Comments? Leave them down below!

9 thoughts on “When You Hit Rock Bottom. There’s Nowhere to Go But Up!

  1. I agree with them, it certainly was an inspirational and powerful post. I felt like this a lot of time, as if the world is going to end, as if my life is worthless and aimless… and I really felt to end it all but well, there comes a time when I felt I must turn back and accept life as it is. It feels very warm to know, some one other in some part of the world has experienced the same like me. Next time, I am down in the dumps, I will use your words as a rope to pull me up. Thank you so much!

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