The Pain Train

A man hits his son to teach him a lesson,

The punishments vary,

He likes to keep him guessin’.

The boy grows up with a burden to carry.


The boy becomes a man,

That man finds himself a wife,

They have themselves a son,

They start themselves a life.


But, it’s rife with strife,

From the start.


The man hurts his boy,

Because of a broken heart.

The boy leaves home young,

With his heart also torn apart.


He grows up high strung.

Infamous with the law.

No deeds of his will go unsung.


Until one day.


A new life had sprung.


A baby girl was here to stay


Her father became a boozer,

Working hard to drown his sorrows.

In his drunken stupors, he’d abuse her,

Then drink more to forget tomorrow.


The girl evolves to be shaken,

From sporadic trauma undertaken.

Her anxieties don’t take her far,

As her self-esteem collapses like a neutron star.


Everything’s intense,

All her problems seem immense.

All people appear with only pretense,

From outside her pretty heart.


She winds up with a wicked man,

To be her counterpart.


Then without a plan…


They have

A son.


The pain train shuns no one.









40 thoughts on “The Pain Train

      1. It doesn’t have to be sad and not all abuse spawns more abuse, but it’s more like a word of caution. My Dad was mistreated by his Dad when he was young, and he ended up being a fucking asshole to me as I grew up (excuse my language). However, I’m not going to be like that with my daughter. I’ll make damn sure 😉

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      2. I don’t mind your language, I understand. I was beaten and more by my mom, my dad was an alcoholic, but he was the one who cared too …. (briefly explained)…
        my son is 13 and never experienced what I did… And I always tell him I love you because I never heard that when I was a little girl and I love my son unconditional and he is always good enough.. I always hear how stupid snd ugly and inept I was…
        you are YOU, be proud❤️

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  1. Oh, sweetie, for the most this is true but there is one who can break the cycle and set all free of this and His Name is Christ Jesus. Much love sent to you and those who need freedom.:)

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  2. Well, it seems tragedy and pain does form a vicious loop. It’s truly painful and your poem is very emotional. I feel sad for the son and I am feel truly sorry you had to face the same. I’ve never been through this and neither had been my parents. Family values run high in our blood and I hope they become acclaimed all over the world!
    I am totally sure your daughter won’t have to face any such pain because you are such an amazing person!
    Lots of love to you and your family and I hope everyone in okay 🙂

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    1. Thanks Dragon. I’m very glad you’ve never had to experience an emotionally abusive parent.

      I will break the cycle for my daughter, absolutely. It’s taken a lot of hard work on my part to overcome the bad habits instilled in me through my home life. That’s for sure.

      I hope your exams went well!

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      1. I am lucky too.
        It must have been hard work for you, to shatter the cages of abuse your father had given you. But you have overcome, and that’s why I admire you so much! So courageous, you are.

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