In Love With A Ghost – A Terrible Poem

I’ve fallen in love with a ghost,

She’s the one I care for the most.

No matter where I am,

She’s always there.

Supports me with this cross I bare.

Touches me in places where,

Other people aren’t aware…


My heart,

You pervert.


Your mind must be full of dirt


She also touches me under my shirt.


Like a gentle breeze, she tickles me.

Caresses me so tenderly.

If only she were still alive,

Then our love could really thrive.


Although there’s something about our connection

Which leads me to spring a massive…




Her haunting leaves me with no objection


She whispers in my ear at night,

About how she died here years ago.

I wish I could have met her sooner,

Perhaps I could have been her beau.


And then one night I met a neighbor,

We spoke about my couple acres,

And the woman of my dreams,

The experiences creating steam,

And how she died too soon it seems…


It was then that he informed me,

Of the man that lived before me,

And died there on the property,

From a clot to his coronary artery.


Now my home is up for sale,

And when he touches me I wail.


Goodbye dear ghost lady of my dreams.


43 thoughts on “In Love With A Ghost – A Terrible Poem

  1. I love this piece for so many reasons. Ghosts and hauntings are a reoccurring theme in my own writing. You managed to make this sensual and hilarious at the same time, which is no small feat. The surprise ending was fantastic Mat.

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  2. Oh my, genius! The way you weaved and built up the sweet gentle, yet passionate romance …… and then Kaboom! The end had me bursting into laughter! 😂😂😂

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  3. It started so sweet, romantic and just so full “aw…” but then it quickly turn to “Ouch” Hahaha 😂 I love the mixed of emotion in this one. I seriously feel bad for both the ghost and the main person in the poem.

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