A Man So Paranoid

Should I stay


Should I cross this road?

It depends,

Is there someone on the other side?

If not, then, I suppose.


I prefer my roads less traveled.

People socialize breezily and so easily,

I swear it leaves me baffled.


Rule number one in life,

If you can’t beat ’em,

Stay the hell away from them.

They could gut you with a knife.


Be on alert,

So, you can’t get hurt!


I seek to avoid,

For a mind,

So paranoid.


Every hour of every day,

Behind the words they say,

Hidden messages linger.


If they think,

That I’m wrapped around their finger,

They better think twice,

For they won’t get their way,

Until I’ve put them through the wringer.


I keep a proverbial weapon on me,

At all times,

To prevent my digestion,

By these human enzymes.

So, many people in the city,

It begs me to question,

How many have committed crimes?

If I have to defend myself,

It won’t be pretty.


Life rolls on,


My ghosts grow worse.


Surrounded by my enemies,

Adversity defines my Universe.

I`d spent time planning remedies,


All of my solutions turned perverse.


Sometimes in self-defense,

One may consider a strong offense.

I’m holding my hostility in suspense,

For the chance a conflict does commence.

My fight or flight,

Is all just fight.

And, it leaves me feeling tense.


I’m watching you,


And you,


And you.


If I look hard enough,

I may see through,

The words you’ve spun.

I try to see,

Your anomaly.

You shine deceptively,

Like a midnight’s sun.


Constantly on alert,

To save myself from being hurt.

All future pain,

Takes my aim,

As priority, to divert.


See what fear and distrust

Has destroyed,

From the inside of a man,

So, paranoid.

P.s. No worries. I’m not quite this crazy. I’ve not yet been diagnosed or committed. 🙂

15 thoughts on “A Man So Paranoid

  1. Love this poem 🔥
    By the way, every time I read one of your poems it reminds me of music and I feel like I’m listening to a rap song almost…I hope you take that as a compliment 🤔😃

    Liked by 4 people

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