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Hello again friends, bloggers and muses,

Another Tuesday has come and another Behind the Author interview is here to greet you. If you’re new to this series, the main goal of these interviews are to peak behind the curtains at some of our favorite bloggers and writers, to expose the secrets of their success. All while having fun and learning something new about them.

Today’s Guest: Kait King of The Writer’s Blogk

Kait King is a wonderful blogger with meaningful poetry, a loyal following, and immersive fictions to be read. She’s a woman of culture, having split her life between South Africa and scenic New Zealand. She’s also had an interesting history with a career in National Intelligence. I suppose that makes her one smart, very tough cookie.

The Interview

Mathew: Hello Kait, and welcome! It’s so wonderful to have you on Behind the Author. You’re truly a unique and inspirational writer in the blogging community with your refined sense of poetry, story telling, unique perspectives and as well as being an official author of three published books on Amazon.

I can only imagine there’s a whole slew of knowledge in that writer’s mind of yours just waiting to be harvested, and so on that note, I would like to begin by asking you a question. What’s your story and how did you first get started in blogging?

Kait: Y’know how you think you have a plan for life but life actually has a plan for you? That was my story. I went back to university to get a degree in criminology. I worked my way to my dream job in the police. Injured myself and then failed surgery caused permanent and inoperable damage to my back. I went from hero to zero. I went through grief, fury, hope, faithless moments of suicide and the whole gamut. I had always loved writing, especially short stories and poetry, I think that says something about my personality 😄 But basically my life had landed my arse in a bed, pretty much 20 odd hours out of 24, what else was there for me to do but vent, imagine and recreate myself through writing!

Mathew: We’re similar in one way, both of us were shifted from our career choices into writing/blogging by an injury. I also find it very interesting that you have a background career in National Intelligence. Was this in South Africa or New Zealand? And, do you think that things happen for a reason or do you believe, rather, that we just need to make the best of the cards we’re dealt?

Kait: I studied criminology here in New Zealand and graduated with the Dean’s Award in 2011. I went straight into the police from there.

I think we make reason out of unreasonable things to be able to cope with or accept the circumstances we may find ourselves in. I think either way we should strive for the best life we can live with whatever she deals us. It’s your life, your pain, nobody else should suffer for that.

Mathew: You have 3 books published through Amazon. “The 3 little piggies”, “My see-through mind”, and “Supine exsanguinations – A diversification of poetry”. Which of these three books are most special to you, and why?

Kait: Yikes! Don’t let them hear you! 😄 It’s like your children, there are no favorites….but secretly….No, actually I couldn’t tell you. The 3 little Piggies was a mammoth task for me, the instant poet, but I spent so much time holding onto it. The poetry is tricky because I write from my heart and soul so they are all pieces of me. Like our children are!


Mathew: Personally, I love writing from the dark side and I see you do too. You’ve stated yourself, “I like to go dark and deep psychologically into the character/killers’ mind“. You have a long list of chilling thriller posts. I understand that getting inside the mind of someone very dark can be thrilling. Are you ever worried about backlash from your readers if you take it too far though?

Kait: I can’t. If I worry about that then I may as well give up writing. Those who seek me out can read my work. I have to be true to myself. Editors are there to edit… unless you are your own editor as I am at this point. So it’s great, I love everything I do 😂 But seriously, it is a way for me to express myself, vent and question the world, raw and unashamed.

Mathew: There are many people out there who haven’t been privileged enough to be able to explore this beautiful world. I’ve spent a little time traveling and I know the beauty of the country that you live in now. If you were to give 3 reasons to visit New Zealand and then South Africa, what would those be?

Kait: Ok, NZ first. Stunning scenery, great people and soul. And SA has incredible changing landscapes and vastness, awesome people and heart.

Mathew: Kait, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in this interview with me! I wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing where your blog takes you in the future. I was wondering if you might leave us with one piece of advice for new writers and bloggers are hoping to improve their work?

Kait: Thank you so much Mathew, it’s been a pleasure! The best piece of advice I think I have is to learn how to spell or how to use your spellcheck. It loses readers if you have spelling mistakes or don’t use the correct grammar. It sounds stuffy but it’s true. I find it a very disjointed story if I have to decipher it and figure out what someone is trying to express. Words need to flow like a soft sable paint brush in order to create a whole picture. 

The After-Thought

Well, there you have it ladies and gents. Another edition of Behind the Author has come and gone. The takeaway? Don’t let your limitations ever hold you back in life. Be prepared to adapt and seek new dreams, in new places. You have everything you need deep inside to accomplish more than you give yourself credit for. Life is full of twists and turns, but any time a door slams in your face, another opportunity presents itself. You just need to be daring enough to look for it! It’s all about perspective 😉

Oh, and use your spellchecker people!

If you’re unfamiliar with Kait’s work, please visit her here and say hi! 😀

Thanks for joining on this week’s Behind the Author

Questions? Comments? Leave them down below!


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    1. Thanks so much Brad. I sure do manage to find interesting people to interview somehow and that goes a long way. The other half of the battle is asking the right questions to get the best out if them. 😁

      I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed it. Hopefully it won’t be something that ends for me any time soon.


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