The Wizard’s Elixir – 50 Word Thursday Challenge

I thought that I’d tackle another 50 word Thursday challenge, where one’s creative prowess is tested with only one picture and one quote to be used for inspiration. The rule is to write a creative work in 50 word increments up to a maximum of 250 words.

This week’s picture is featured above, and here’s the quote;

“David knocked on the door that the wizard had returned to its original dilapidated but one piece style,” – Shadow Pack – Marc Daniel

The Wizard’s Elixir (250 Words)

David said farewell and grabbed his satchel of potions before heading out the front door of the exquisitely designed magical tower. It always blew his mind how on the inside, the tower was an architect’s masterpiece, but on the outside, just one illusion away from looking like a crack den.

David walked outside and the door shut behind him, turning back into that crummy rusty blue steel frame. The door even squeaked and clunked after the illusion was cast. That’s what always really surprised him. It was one thing for an illusion to trick the eyes, but his ears too?

David took one of the potion-vials out of his satchel and raised it towards a gloomy looking light on the ceiling. The potion was red and thick when he jiggled it. Finally, he’d be able to grow that extra foot and finally become 6”2, no more “Little Mr. Shorty”.

Well, David chugged his new-found tallness elixir and lo and behold, he grew! Except it wasn’t his height that grew. It was his body hair. In no time flat he had a big tuft of chest hair showing and a massive old beard. David began knocking on that blue steel door.

“Wizard! Open up!”, he screamed as he banged away on that blue steel door. “Wizard! You gave me the wrong potion dammit, and I have a date in an hour!”. David cried, grew frustrated and just as he was about to give up, a shaving razor materialized before his eyes.

Thank you very much to Deb for hosting!

19 thoughts on “The Wizard’s Elixir – 50 Word Thursday Challenge

  1. 😂😂😂 My stomach hurts! 😂😂😂 I love how you wrote it.
    I want to get that potion to prank my husband. Maybe earn from all the overgrown hair by selling it as hair extensions.

    Liked by 2 people

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