Another Sleepless Night

Another sleepless night…

Writhing in an emptiness,

In a world so quiet,

Except for the sounds of morning bird-calls.

A heavy heart weighs me down.

A mind plays itself on repeat.

There’s a consciousness – addicted to defeat.

A sense of hopelessness which leaves me sinking.


I’d cry, if not for these dry eyes.

They seem to have extinguished all tears in past prior,

There’s nothing left for their reserve,

After one takes more pain than they’ve deserved,


What am I fighting for?


This world’s absurd…


Alas, it’s not, but life…

When it comes to the mingling of worldly strife,

I won’t be the first or last,

To suffer from my past,

Or my present,

Regardless of class,

King or peasant.

Suffering’s just a part of life,

But it cuts me like a knife…


Just dot my neck with x’s,

And trace the line.

We’re all going to lose our lives sometime.

So, cut me down in my prime,

And show me mercy.

Lapping up life’s waters has left me nothing but thirsty.


Endless waves of self-doubt crash upon my shores,

Surrounded by hate, pretense and haughtiness, 

I’m an alien in this world,

Only knowing life for what it’s missing…


A gentle heart bruises easily,

And forgives so leniently, 

But the pain is cumulative.

The burden becomes heavy to carry,

The issues and woes too large to bury…


The world loses light to darkness,

When between life and death,

It’s life that feel’s more scary.

There’s something so cautionary,

About searching for solace in a cold dead cemetery,

Finding a place to stop,

And making it one’s sanctuary.

Perhaps it’s where my burden drops…


From off these tired shoulders,

From off this aching back.

No more energy for the defense of ruthless attacks.

Just a quiet sullen quack,

Feeling a desperate man’s caprice,

And looking for his peace…








37 thoughts on “Another Sleepless Night

  1. Depression is a ruthless enemy
    No wonder we get tired of fighting
    not feeling peace of mind and soul
    but instead like a mad dog biting
    this is an arduous fight indeed
    and other times we feel like sinking
    without enough breath, drowning
    but you need to know this for sure
    you are not fighting alone my friend
    fighting together we’d win at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

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