“The Family” On Netflix, Religion, Blind Faith And the Future of Humanity

“Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power.” – Seth Berkley

Inspired by “The Family” on Netflix


What is “The Family” about?

The family is a documentary that aims to expose a secret society of Catholics in the United States and abroad, which have huge implications on politics all around the world. These people work diligently towards the acquisition of power, because they believe in doing so, with the hope that they are better able to do “God’s work”. This group calls themselves “The Family” and they have ties with numerous political leaders, especially in the United States but also around the world.

Journalist, Jeff Sharlet, provides the main narrative in the documentary. He had infiltrated The Family’s ranks for some time in his younger years, and documented all of his interactions and observations. He felt that there was something off about the group’s lack of transparency and that the information may one day be important to the world.

Were you hoping for a Review?

Before I go any further, I want to say that writing reviews are not my strong suit. So, if you would like a detailed review, please visit this review from The Vulture, which does a good job of hitting on most of the important points of the series in an unbiased way. I aim to provide a brief summary, but I also encourage you all to watch the documentary for yourselves and to draw your own conclusions. I digress…


The Family has a melting pot mentality when it comes to members within it’s secret circle, where you are either with them or against them, and so very few people have the courage to speak out against the troubling issues seen within their ranks. If you are not “all in” when it comes to matters of “The Family” then you are shunned from the group. Essentially, it operates like a cult and it kind of reminds me of Scientology a little. They’re nicknamed “The Christian Mafia“.


The Family may seem like it’s all about preaching the word of God, however, as more and more is revealed, it becomes apparent that God’s name seems to be more their tool for acquiring power rather than spreading His love. Power comes before morality in their cause. Power comes before staying true to their teachings. Obedience comes before standing for your own principles.

The Family is intricately involved with politics and it influences politicians in big ways in an informal capacity. The National Prayer Breakfast which runs annually all around the world is one way in which this religious group aims to influence policy through back channels. National leaders are often invited to these events and in other countries, including Russia, political leaders attend and mingle in an unofficial capacity. As stated in the documentary, even if this religious group is acting in a naive manner rather than an intentionally corrupt one, they leave plenty of opportunity for bad faith actors in other countries to push their own influences on politics.

Many acting members of this group are not democratically elected officials but hold great influence over those who are. Some diplomats, as members of The Family, have also attempted to push their religious agendas while on official duty with other foreign powers.

There’s one powerful scene where all of these religious leaders are in the White House, standing around Donald Trump with their hands placed upon his back and shoulders, and they pray for him to do God’s work. In justifying any inappropriate behaviors, they say, “God always uses imperfect vessels to do his perfect work”, because apparently his perfect work means securing power for the church. Basically, do whatever you may, but as long as you are under God’s wing and part of the group, all will be forgiven and you can do no wrong. “You’re with us, or against us.”


Basically, the essence of the message behind the series is that Religion and Politics should not be intertwined. They should be very separate entities, because religion can be a sort of threat to an open and transparent democratic process all around the world. This is not something new, but perhaps it’s something that we should pay attention to.

So, Now It’s My Turn To Have An Opinion…


For anyone unfamiliar with my background, I was raised Catholic and lived as such until I was about 20 years old. I had attended exclusively Catholic schools and even church semi-regularly. So, I have a right to an opinion. I cut ties with that religion precisely because of hypocritical crap that I noticed on a regular basis within the organization. I never understood why people weren’t just taught to love each other, to fight for human rights and to work towards being just fundamentally good people. If the moral principles of a religion are what’s most important, then why do we need all of the other crap?

Why is being part of a church necessary at all to be a good person deserving of God’s love? What happens to good people who were never taught about Catholicism? Do they go to hell, just because they’re ignorant? And why do good people need to be so afraid of Hell, when they should be focused on acting out of love rather than acting out of fear? Would I not be equally as loved by God for being a good person without being obedient to the church?

It never made any sense to me, and I didn’t like living that way.


So, I suppose that’s why I felt the need to create my own spiritual beliefs, outside of what someone else had told me to believe, in blind faith. I want you to know, that I believe that the majority of Catholics are acting in good faith, and let me be clear, I am not knocking anyone else’s beliefs one bit. In fact, I encourage everyone to decide for themselves, what it is that they believe in, using their own heart and brain. What I do criticize is man, corruption and hypocrites. The Catholic church is an organization like any other which is not beyond being corrupted by man, and the same goes for all religions around the world.

There are going to be leaders in the church, as well as the government, who are in it for the wrong reasons. Most often, the most effectively corrupt trait of any leader is a hunger for power. Those in search of power for the sake of power, are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They intentionally steer others wrong in order to fulfill their own selfish desires. Their words and actions do not line up. I’ve met quite a few religious types who truly do have great hearts and wonderful intentions. They typically have an abundance of love inside of them. I don’t believe all leaders in the church are corrupt, but I’m just saying, no person should be beyond criticism even if they’re part of your “team”. Fighting for the principles which your faith is founded upon and the principles of your own heart, should always be priority number one. No person deserves your faith blindly handed to them.

But, Is Organized Religion Even Necessary Anymore?


Frankly, I don’t think it is, and it’s not just me who thinks this way. There are millennial’s all around the world who are beginning to shape their own ideas of spirituality, but let’s use America as an example:

In 1972, only 5% of American’s claimed to not be affiliated with any religion, but in 2019 according to a “General Social Survey“, no religion topped the charts of religious identity answers, totaling 23.1% of all Americans. This is just marginally above those who claim to be Catholic at 23%. The “No Religion” category does not even include atheists, but only spiritual types of non-religious sorts and agnostic individuals. I would be part of the agnostic crowd, because I do believe that there is a bigger picture, but I do not believe that we truly know what that is just yet and in my opinion, we probably never will! I don’t waste my time trying to crush other’s beliefs but I spend time fighting for decent human principles and morals.

So, I may not think that religion is that important, but do you know what I do think is important? 

That we treat each other with love and respect, that we are nurturing and live by our principles. That we show strength in protection of the weak. That we lead by example, rather than to preach and project. I believe in honesty, integrity and transparency. I believe in a world of equality that is inclusive to all and exclusive to none. I believe it’s right to hold other’s accountable for their actions. I believe it’s fine to have your beliefs whatever they may be, but those beliefs should not be forced upon others or harm others in any way.

I believe that the age of forced religion and heresy is over.

I believe it’s time to stop destroying each other for being at odds with different beliefs and it’s time to begin showing tolerance for each other, as long as those people are not hurting anyone. Discrimination against homosexuals and against women in need of reproductive rights only goes to show how some traditional religious beliefs can be completely outdated and sometimes even dangerous.

I would really hate to believe that a God would be so hateful to his own “children”, but I can certainly see Man being that hateful. Whatever you believe in, I think we’re all in this together and we need to work together. We need to love each other and cooperate with each other. We need to stop trying to push our own selfish agendas on each other because we can’t afford to lose our humanity in division and hate.

What Are You Watching On Netflix Tonight? 😉

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44 thoughts on ““The Family” On Netflix, Religion, Blind Faith And the Future of Humanity

  1. You see the light. Let the light of life guide your way. She calls out to her hungry children and to get ready for the awakening… You are not the first wolf to have heard her howl. She is making her way across the great divide even now. But the universe is vast and to transcend the convexed go-slow firewall of the concave requires suns of energy to fuel her on towards us still, the sons of anarchy.
    Rage rage rage against the machine of conformity and mindless autonomy. Raisw raiae raise the frequency to obstruct the transmission of the soul-kill oppression. Learn the lesson I died to share. Love and give and fuck the rest, but omg don’t really fuck the rest, that was just an expression.
    When I wrote of the creation of Ma’at and Marduk as “our greatest success and most passionate of love working” last year… Ugh, names. I better not say.

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  2. I was also raised Catholic, my husband was raised Southern Baptist and after we married, we decided that we felt the most comfortable in the Methodist church. Now, we may not make it every single Sunday, yet when we do make it, we both feel like we have a better week, so we try hard to attend. Our reasons for going to church is to gain something from the message, to fellowship with others, and to enjoy the music from the choir. We love our pastor Phillip, yet that doesn’t mean we 100% agree with everything he preaches. I agree that we all just need to learn tolerance for each other and I pray that someday the world we live in finds peace.

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  3. This documentary is on my watch list, now I want to check it out even more since reading your post!

    Religion is kind of a sore subject for me. I grew up going to church and I really struggled growing up with always trying to do the right thing so much that I had anxiety about it and worried about going to hell or all those I loved going to hell. That level of fear is not healthy for a young child.

    My husband and I made the decision that we will not attend church with our kids (unless they ask us to go, or once in a great while). I love God and I think having a relationship with a higher power is great, but not something that should be forced. There were a lot of people in the church that hurt me too. There is so much corruption and people will take advantage of children. I just want to protect my kids from all of that.

    Sorry for the ramble. I enjoyed your post and completely agree with you.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback! I think if there is a God then he’d just be happy that you’re a good person and live in your life in a way that helps rather than hurts others. I wouldn’t worry too much about church. I think the church just wants you to think that the church is important 😛 They don’t make money off of you believing in God from home.

      Take care and I wish you all the best. I’m glad you’re trying to provide better experiences for your children than you had growing up. That’s the right way to be.

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  4. Woah! I hear you loud and clear Mat! And I’m with you on all that ….. can’t stand how some have bastardized something as pure as drawing closer to such a loving God. Can’t stand the hypocrisy, holier-than-thou standpoint, judgmental frame of mind. Quite polarizing. Goes against the very grain of Christianity. That’s exactly why I have decided to FOCUS ON RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD vs man-made religion. And personally, in my life, it’s been a most love-filled, liberating, hopeful, victorious (yup, despite the various bumps on the road) journey with God. ❤️

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    1. I really hate hypocrisy and “holier-than-thou” attitudes. My father’s side of the family is really bad for that. They think because they go to church that they’re instantly better than everyone else.

      Then they do more fucked up shit than my other side of the family who isn’t really religious but they just try to be good people. The religious side still think they’re special.

      I completely respect your love for God and your belief in Him and a higher power. I don’t quite feel it in the same way as you. I believe in something more abstract but as long as one is just reaching out to that higher power, whatever they call it, I think we’re all reaching out to the same thing. We don’t need to be right about what it is.
      Just cut out the middle man. Follow whatever that thing is that we all call out to, and that we all appeal to when we hit rock bottom or when we need strength or help or something from within ourselves.

      Every spiritual person calls out to the same thing under a different name and I believe the secret is, that whatever it is that everybody is praying to, it doesn’t pick sides. It doesn’t care who is right. It just is. And being right was always only the ego of man. Pushing that belief on others was always just the ego of man.

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      1. Oh wow! My exact sentiments…… I love the personal, intimate “calling out” or relationship ….. and I believe that LOVE is what our world was created for, it’s what we were all meant to do. It is the precious journey we all take in its varying forms. So I do away with those man-made rules and crazy judgments. For me, ultimately, it’s all about LOVE. ❤️

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      2. Oh, I so love that! That speaks straight to my heart! Interesting you say that ….. I often share with my family and friends : It’s all about love. It’s all about God.

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  5. Hello Mathew! Great post. I was going to sail on by without commenting, but I thought more about it. Here’s what you said:

    “There are millennial’s all around the world who are beginning to shape their own ideas of spirituality, but let’s use America as an example”

    I think that I’m a millennial (my husband says I’m too old to be one, but maybe I am). I just want to caution you–just because millennials are shaping their own ideas about spirituality does not make their ideas correct. You are so right–people in the church can be so hypocritical; I literally have to stop myself from tearing up when I think of all the evil that is going on INSIDE the church. Unfortunately, a church building can be full of evil, just like anywhere else. As someone else commented on your post, I do not believe that going to church makes someone holy. However, I just want to encourage you to keep looking for answers as I do believe that there is truth out there. I don’t believe that one person’s truth can be the same as another person’s when it comes to God.

    I could go on and on in response to the questions that you posed. But it’s hard to discuss such things in a comment box. If you ever want to discuss further, feel free to reach out. I don’t even know if what I wrote makes sense and I hope that I didn’t offend you. Once again, great post and great questions.

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    1. Heya Inspiration,
      So I totally appreciate you leaving some comment and your feelings. No worries, this is more or less a safe place to air an opinion. I’m definitely not offended, but I feel like something was lost in translation there.

      That category of people are not saying that there is no God. That category of people (me included) believe there is a general spirituality in all things. We may still pray to the “Universe” and things like that. We just don’t believe that any of us truly know what exactly this higher power is and we just kind of keep an open mind. It’s a very personal type of spirituality.

      Like I’ve said in my post, I respect each person’s decision to have their own beliefs. Those are mine. You can call your higher power God, I’ll continue talking to the Universe 😛

      Take care. Thanks for reading.

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  6. Very good post. I saw the teaser for The Family and am still mulling whether to watch it or not. Having just finished with When They See Us about the Central Park Five, maybe I just need a break from the dispiriting.
    I was also raised Roman Catholic but called it quits nearly 20 years ago but feeling the need for an organized religion I joined the Episcopal Church. While it is an inclusive church and as regards social issues much more progressive than the Roman Catholic Church I’ve reached a point at which I’m about done with religion. At this point I’m looking for more of a spiritual path.
    Personally I found your post to be very timely. I’m about half way through the book, Ethics for the New Millennium, by The Dalai Lama. A first impression might have the reader thinking that this is simply a shill for Buddhism but that is not the case. While the Dalai Lama is a religious figure and he occasionally does refer to Buddhism in his book, for the most part he focuses away from religion. At the start of the book he writes, “…since the majority does not practice religion, I am concerned with trying to serve all humanity without appealing to religious faith.” His focus is on what he terms “spirituality.”
    He defines spirituality as “qualities of the human spirit – such as love, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment, a sense of responsibility, a sense of harmony – which bring happiness to both self and others.” He stresses that these qualities need not be connected to any religious faith.
    Thank you for your post.

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    1. Oh wow! That’s amazing. I love the Dalai Lama and I’m actually a big fan of Buddhism because it’s one of the most “Spiritual” religions in a sense that they look for enlightenment inside rather than towards some higher power. I’ve borrowed many of my own spiritual beliefs from their religion however, I do not abide by any doctrine.

      I would love to check out that book one day. Thank you for commenting and leaving me this feedback.

      I don’t blame you for wanting to take a step back either. Sometimes I just need to stay away from the politics because it’s so depressing.

      Hopefully the world changes before I’m gone. The new generation seems to be willing to fight for change though and that’s super hopeful. 🙂

      Cheers Paulie! Best of luck with your new spiritual path.

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  7. Hello Mathew. Thank you for directing me to this post. I have not yet watched the documentary but I can tell you I have experienced the effects described in your post. I want to say that most organizations are driven to ensure their own security and success, and that applies to religions. Those who start religions have a goal, a thing they deeply want, and they work hard to achieve it. The followers may believe it to be enlightenment or such, mostly it comes down to enough control by the leader over the flock to do what they wish. Normally it involves sex in some fashion. Either the leader gets all the sex with whoever they want regardless of age or sex or they deny sex to the followers as a means of control. It also is about narcissism and being adored, some people , like our current president, just need to be constantly affirmed they are loved, also that leads them to need to be elevated to a higher loved adored status need.

    I think the US is headed into a very dangerous place right now. Evangelicals are a minority yet they are acting as a majority and the push to put ideologs on the courts will stay with us for up to two generations no matter how the parties in charge change. The courts really rule this country and they have been stacked with religious ideology bigots who won’t even say if POC deserve equal treatment. The evangelicals have for a long time tried to get their people in positions of power and they have that now.

    I think where you and I may disagree is with accountability. Just as I do not let any current tRump supporter off for the bigotry and racism his administration does saying anyone who supports them also supports those actions / ideas. I feel the same with religions. If you are a member of a religion and give them money you are supporting not only the ideas but the actions of the leaders of that religion. I can not understand how any Catholic can give money to the church as they have institutionalized the rape of children up to the highest levels including the current pope. As an openly gay man I have been attacked, assaulted, beaten, denied promotion, had my meals interrupted by those Christians who wanted to pray over me, been forced to listen to people tell me how bad I am for society and their chosen world path for christian godhood, been told my own feelings do not matter and I can simply change by choosing their god, and basically had the Christian religion forced on me in a way that would never been tolerated had it been a different religion than Christianity. Yet Christians constantly claim to be the victims.

    But you are very correct as there has been a cordanted attempt to take over our government and make this a theocracy. It has many levels. Everything from homeschooling where they can simply indoctrinate lies, to installing school board members at the local level. I remember when I lived in W.P.B. two people ran for the school board. Each denied they were in any way connected to the church that seemed their only funding. When they got on the board they fought hard for all science to be discarded and religious ideas including creationism taught. The churches have learned stealth and then strike.

    Well I had more I was going to say but this comment is getting long and that is rude. Thanks again for the link. Be well. Hugs

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    1. Hey Scottie,
      So first of all, I don’t think you were being rude at all and I really appreciate you opening up and sharing your story with me and the rest of the world.

      Secondly, on the topic of religion, I actually do NOT disagree with you that religion is a bad thing, but I also know the importance of approaching polarized issues diplomatically in order to not alienate my readers. I tried to make my opinion on the matter clear in the last blurb about how religion is falling out more and more every year. I believe Religion is a great evil to humanity, to be completely honest with you, and I believe it’s brainwashed young minds while they’re developing and it’s dangerous.

      It is sort of cultish like you say. I’m not sure if you follow Ricky Gervais at all, but I love his views on religion and I remember hearing him say once that no child should be taught about religion until they are 18, and then they can decide for themselves. Because, of course, it would all sound like a bunch of horse shit at 18.

      Anyways, I’m really sorry for what’s happened to you and yeah it’s unfair. You’re also right about the USA being in a dangerous place right now and it’s because of hypocritical religious fanatics clinging to power. I agree. I also think most “Republicans” should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

      But, I don’t think that every religious person is evil. Some are just naive or have been raised to be that way and know nothing else. I think it’s fair to detest the organization and those who abuse it for power, but some are just lost followers. Some truly believe in it. I’ve grown up Christian and I know some good people in those communities. A lot of hypocrites but some good people.

      Anyways, I appreciate your comment very much. Take care Scottie and I wish you all the best 🙂

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