Will You Still Be There Tomorrow?

Every time we have a fight, 

I have to ask myself a question, 

If what’s wrong feels right,

Just one more time,

Will our love finally reach it’s cession?


Loving you just so damn much,

And I know you’ve loved me too.

But we’ve fallen in this whirlpool,

Too many times before,

It’s true.


How many times can we spin,

Before we’re through?

We turn and turn and no one wins.


We’ve a bad habit,

To fail peaceful living,

And I’ve a bad habit,

For failing you.


Who’s the problem?

Sometimes we’re both the same,

Just trying to place the blame,

And it drives us both insane.

But it does take two to play this game,

And winning games may be my claim to fame,

But only a loser wants to own this claim.


I’m racking my brain,

To devise a plan,

Some way that I can train

Myself to understand…


How I can be a man you’ll love.


A fear of abandonment, inside of me – runs deep,

And there just may be no God above,

If yours will be a heart I cannot keep.


When our next push comes to shove,

I need to learn to let it go,

I know, we must avoid this heavy toll,

And I still need some time to learn and grow.

Even while my heart is aching through my soul…


Am I reaping what I sow,

Or just struggling to let you go?


Maybe, we were not meant to be,

Or maybe, I fucked it up royally.

Maybe, I was just too abrasive for your loyalty.

Yet, giving up just feels too hard for me…

I’d rather fight and cry and plea.


Yet we stumble up so frequently,

I can’t help but wonder in my sorrow,

How long can we fight so ceaselessly,

Before you won’t be there tomorrow?







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