The First Ever Giveaway on Blog of the Wolf Boy

“…And you get a book, and you get a book, and you get a book!” – Oprah Winfrey

Alright, that quote and featured image was misleading. Actually, I’m not even sure if Oprah’s ever said that, I might have made it up. It just sounds right! I am not Oprah and not everyone is going to receive a book from me. There’s nothing hidden underneath your seat right now, so I’m very sorry to disappoint you! 😦

However, as many of you know, only a few weeks back I’d released my first book of poems. “Emotions in Motion”. As I said, I had ordered a number of these poetry books for myself and my family, and I made sure to order a few extras to giveaway or sell (but probably not) to other people I meet in my life. Now, since I have a few spares, I thought it would be a great idea to give at least one of these away to one of my readers!


Now since I’m a rock-star (humor me), I will be sure to write something personal inside of the book, and sign it, yours truly. 😉 If you’d prefer I keep my filthy signature out of it, I can do that as well, but alas… I digress…

I am proposing a little challenge to all of you. I would like any of you who are wanting to be included in this giveaway to come up with a creative piece, whether it be a story or a poem or a drawing, whatever really, but it must contain a wolf! Otherwise, there are no rules.

I will draw a name from all entrants for this prize, and who knows, if some of them really impress me, I may offer further copies. Be sure to link back to this page after you have created your piece, so that I know you’re interested.

The deadline for all submissions will be Wednesday Sept the 11th, at 11:59PM, and I will post the winner a long with a list of the submissions on Friday Sept the 13th. (Spooky)

P.s. I will also accept poetry entries in my comments section, but they have to be a little bit longer than a haiku.

Good Luck Young Wolves!

I’m very excited to see what kind of creative pieces you all create.
Thanks again to everyone for following me, your support and your friendship.

Take care of yourselves, good luck and best wishes!

30 thoughts on “The First Ever Giveaway on Blog of the Wolf Boy

  1. Very interested to take part in this! 🙂 Wolves are great creatures to write about.
    Have you found Amazon / KDP to be a pretty decent platform to sell your work, or are there other alternatives you would recommend / wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole?

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    1. This is the first time I’ve ever tried publishing. It was pretty simple and straight forward, not a bad option for publishing small pieces and short stories. They take a pretty big cut though. I get like a 2$ royalty from either option.

      So it’s probably not the best for making money unless you’re selling it en masse, but I really just wanted a copy for my daughter when she’s older, some family and myself. Also doesn’t hurt to have it on my blog.

      What have you used?

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      1. Thanks for explaining it clearer! I haven’t used anything for publishing yet – still trying to make sense of the different options & which would be most worthwhile for royalties in the long term.

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  2. Okay, you’re a rock star. Do I get a copy now? haha 😀
    Interesting challenge! ❤ I'm in, but you don't have to send anything (if I win). I'm in Europe and I know that postage is a pain…
    oh, wait I can pay for it if budget allow (and if a friend is willing to receive it for me.)
    Congratulation again. It's a very exciting feeling to get the first copy of your book in your hand.

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  3. I am so happy on your behalf and I love to have one of your book on my mantelpiece…
    I cheer on you, always..
    But I live in Norway, so I don’t participate even though I have a poem … love wolf do you remember🐺
    When you come to Norway, bring me a book with your name… or when I come to Canada🎶👏🏻
    Well, you publish before me… Congratulation❤️Happy happy for you.

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