The Meek And The Destitute

I’m just a vagabond and a street scholar

living a depleted life of squalor.

I’ve made these streets my home,

as I reflect upon this life with a fine-toothed comb.


Matters out of my control had put me here;

I’d lost my mind for a moment

and then that moment disappeared.

Now, I know not where my life to steer,

or how to reach atonement.


A hard life led me down a path of mental illness,

now I lean upon a life of complete stillness,

Very little help has found me

as I attempt to climb back on my feet.

The reality of humanity can be so far from sweet.


I’ve been humbled and I’ve been lost,

my hands shake and crack from frost,

restless from the nights I’ve turned and tossed.

It seems my life’s too high a cost,

and all my options are exhausted.


Yet, I still see some love in those around me.

I still feel hope in some of those who’ve found me.

I see simplicity a little more profoundly.

I may be drinking from an empty glass,

but I’m still hoping for the future…

not judging this world based upon my past.


Drugs, alcohol and poor choices

may have influenced many destitute voices.

Yet, still, within our cores

we are so much more

then these mistakes that we answer for.


We live in a society where the meek and the wounded

are left to rot if they aren’t extruded

into our high and heartless expectations.

These struggles rock us to our weak foundations.


Sleeping in the frigid cold

without a friendly hand to hold,

I suppose this life just wants me not

as I’m forced to find a place to squat.


The world’s become so cruel and greedy,

as many turn their noses up to the needy –

for they only serve an unhappy reminder

of what happens to humanity’s poor pathfinders.


The blame rests not upon the cheap select,

but on the governing society’s effect.

For whatever happens at the top

trickles downwards drop by drop.


Societies are destroyed from the start

when our leaders lack compassionate hearts.

No love for one another

and we all just fall apart.

If I close my eyes upon reflection

and meditate upon my dejection,

I can see now this present world just a little clearer;

most of humanity is having trouble just looking in the mirror.


9 thoughts on “The Meek And The Destitute

  1. Sometimes after being at the lowest, that’s when we realized that there’s nothing else to lose by doing the best can out of the situation we thrown under. If only everyone understand what you’re trying to tell, earth will seem like paradise. Touching poem Mathew ❤

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful words Jim! Its unfortunate that there are a few fakers out there who get caught begging for a day job and make the rest of us sometimes suspicious about whether they are actually in need or not… In the end, I think in Canada and the USA we need better programs to help the homeless.

      Scarey that we could all end up like that without support and bad luck

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      1. there’s no doubt we could all do better. Warren Buffett uses the phrase “the ovarian lottery”, to me it’s just another way of saying the “luck of birth”. Those of us “born lucky” need to help those who were not.

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