Climate Change Denial and A Toxic World

Well, today, some news has found me and it’s left me feeling disturbed. I’m depressed and angry and worried about the future of humanity lately. I just don’t understand the world right now, some people or who’s responsible for the vileness of it all at the moment… I mean, I have some ideas, of who’s been influencing certain propaganda but there has to be a bigger picture…

Catherine McKenna, the Canadian Environmental Minister had to be assigned security detail recently because she’s been receiving disturbing threats both online and in-person, against the safety of both herself and her family. Some have called her the “Barbie of Climate Change” and screamed vulgarity’s at her in front of her children. She’s also been called a Communist among other things. Why, you ask?

Climate Change

Because she wants to fight climate change!!!

You know, to save the fucking planet for us and all future generations, based on the most reliable scientific evidence available to us today!

Let me take this opportunity to link a scientific consensus presented to the world by none other than the USA’s NASA: Check it out HERE.

And here’s a report on climate change presented by the scientific community collaborated by the entire goddamn world: Check it out HERE.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was at a BBQ with a man who used to be my step-father, and he pissed me off to no end by claiming climate change was just a “Liberal Conspiracy Theory”. This really got under my skin and it was obvious, the mood changed in the entire room as I seethed… This is coming from a man that told me he was quitting sugar for his health, then dumped half a cup of maple syrup into his coffee. 

Maple Syrup
“Mmmm, health!!!”

The world is fucking burning up, oceans temperatures are rising, air temperatures are rising in every country, glaciers are melting and natural disasters are occurring more frequently every year with greater destruction. How stupid do you have to be, to believe that the scientists are lying to you rather than the politicians who are funded by the fossil fuel companies? I mean do these people even do any fact-checking???


Does anybody care about the future of our planet anymore?

I have a beautiful baby girl and I want to see her thrive in a society that cares about, not just human life, but this planet and our sustainability as a species as well. It’s so hard to watch this all happening and to do nothing about it. I’m really considering looking for ways to join the war against this global threat with some sort of activism.

The ones fighting the hardest right now seem to be pushing for our demise.

Part of me believes that good people will succeed, that humanity will make the right decisions in the end and that we will all live happily ever after. But, I also know that the real world doesn’t operate like a goddamn Disney movie and it frightens me that people are so easily manipulated into pushing the agendas of others who don’t even actually give a single shit about them!!!

No offense, but not all people are intelligent. Anyone who believes a conspiracy theory without fact-checking and gathering evidence is someone with great imagination but the logic of a dim-witted chimp. Why is the scientific community not leading our governments into the next era of humanity?


Why are we still electing politicians that are best known for being able to “sell” their agendas and securing a personal profit, rather than the brightest of our people who could be moving us forward based on the best scientific evidence available to us?

It’s super scary to be alive right now. If you have an alcohol problem, then this is a damn hard time to choose to go sober! I don’t believe most people have bad intentions for the future of humanity, but I do believe that many people are naive, ignorant and easily manipulated.

If you haven’t already read my post about Netflix’s “The Family” you should, or watch the documentary yourself – or better yet, do both! It highlight’s Religion’s current influence on the political climate around the world, so please stay informed and read up on it HERE.


Also, I’ve written about Netflix’s “The Great Hack” and how it compelled me to permanently delete my Facebook account. Certain companies have been weaponizing social media, like Facebook, to control the mind’s of impressionable people with propaganda and lies, in order to further the agendas of the rich, check it out HERE.

Both of these things are poison to both democracy and humanity in general. I just want to remind everyone that now is the time for good people to fight, and to speak up for what’s right. We no longer have the luxury of sitting back and just hoping that the world will go back to normal. This is currently the most critical I’ve ever seen our societies in my lifetime and the plague is spreading globally. Activists are needed desperately.

I only pray that, in the end, the good forces of humankind will prevail and we will still be able to save ourselves from our current predicaments, but it’s not going to come easily… We will be paying for everything that’s happening now in one way or another. It’s only a matter of time.

84 thoughts on “Climate Change Denial and A Toxic World

  1. The single best thing we could do for the environment is to aggressively pursue expansion of thorium nuclear reactors. Not only are they much safer and more efficient than other power sources, they produce far less waste than previous nuclear power (and the half-life radiation has been reduced from centuries to about ten years) and is almost impossible to weaponize. On top of all that, there is right now enough thorium in the US to power our country for the next 1,000 years. There’s no excuse to not be funding the hell out of thorium plants.

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    1. Same with clean energy sources such as solar panels are becoming so cheap now that people are using them for garden fences which double as power generation. I’ve also heard that Elon Musk has been developing a new type of shingles to line the homes of roofs which will eventually be cheaper than traditional shingles!

      Thanks for your comment Peter! I hope you’re well!

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  2. What a post Mathew. Your anger frustration is clearly conveyed to the reader. I feel the same about the issue. And you are so on point when you say that its not that people’s intentions are bad, it’s just that they are ignorant. People have lost touch with the bigger picture. No one cares how the world works as long as they have jobs and luxuries. But what we are missing is that if we continue this way of living, there is disaster waiting for us. My biggest problem is with Factory farming of animals. It adversaly affects environment like nothing else, but who cares! Plus too much animal suffering. Ah..i can go on n on but hopefully your post raise the awareness that we all need.

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    1. True… Animals should be at the very least, raised humanely and allowed to roam somewhat freely in pastures. If the price gets passed on to the consumer, than oh well. People seem to have lost ethics at some point and I feel like Capitalism plays a big part in this problem…

      Thank you for reading and leaving your valuable feedback!!!

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  3. I’m right there with you, Mathew! I get so discouraged & disheartened sometimes, but you’re right. We NEED to fight!! I just can’t understand. Hurricane Dorian literally sat and spun for 48 hours, are people not watching the news? Have they not seen the Bahamas? We have had major temperature fluctuations over the years, it’s snowing more often in Texas, and as you mentioned glaciers are melting!! <- But yeah, there's no such thing as climate change! People need to wake up before it's too late!!!

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    1. Forests that have thrived in areas with permafrost in the North Pole and Alaska have started to melt and the trees don’t grow straight anymore.

      Some of the oldest trees in Africa which have survived for thousands of years are now dying because the climate has changed too much for them, and they’ve thrived for thousands of years.

      It honestly blows my mind how little minded these deniers must be.

      I hear you…

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  4. This is something that often frustrates me about the provincial government in Saskatchewan, Canada. I mean our government is in bed with the oil companies. The Canadian prairies is the PERFECT place for solar power, and I would love to invest in solar power for my house, but my government refuses to provide financial incentives or subsidies for this so solar power is out of my reach for now. I’m happy the liberal government is pushing harder to address climate change but our country is going to fall short of our Paris agreement targets again. We need to be doing more, and unfortunately some of the Provincial governments in Canada don’t play nice in the sandbox with the Liberals, so here we are 🤷‍♀️
    I totally agree with you that’s beyond maddening that our world is literally burning and politicians seem to be more focused on pushing the agendas of greedy corporations (who have no interest in saving our planet).

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    1. Depressing, I used to always consider myself kind of neutral in politics but recent years have been pushing me farther and farther left because conservative governments here and abroad seem to think climate is all a big joke. So I am completely at odds with them now…

      I’m not sure what it’s going to take to change the world for the better, but knowing our history and humanity, we often don’t act until we are forced to by some real hard catastrophe’s and I suppose the world just isn’t being hammered hard enough yet for people to care at this point.

      Humans love to learn the hard way. Hopefully Elon Musk will save us all! ❤ Lol

      Thanks for sharing your feedback, it's really important.

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  5. When I was a kid, my parents and my grandparents used to tell us about walking to school in the winter. they said that the snow was piled up to the tops of the fence posts. In my own time, i remember winters where they were never that high, but certainly higher than I recall now. And I used to think the old timers were telling stories.

    I don’t think so anymore. I think the evidence that something going on with the climate has been in front of us for decades. A lot of people just don’t want to see it.

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  6. Apart from the few who literally don’t care about the planet, most of the big deniers are those with $ signs in their eyes. To be promoting opening new coal mines, pump new oil wells or even recover gas/oil from shale is reckless and shows a lack of care for their own children and their grandchildren. But the thousands who believe the lies that global warming is a Chinese hoax don’t have a brain cell to spare. The proof is in front of everybody and plenty of experts have added their two-penny worth so there’s no excuse. Since the majority of those deniers are also supporters of MAGA and of white superiority and the Republican party a picture begins to emerge. Trumpites would rather damage the world than share it with a black skin or lessen the chance of mass killings by allowing some basic checks before a weapon is sold or give up their AR15’s that don’t belong in civilian hands.
    Thanks Mathew for a well thought out post.

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  7. I truly believe this sort of ignorance stems from a lack of education. If these people were less money-driven and were more informed about current events the world would be a better place.

    Knowing them, though, they would probably see this information and twist it into something absurd and refuse to accept what’s in front of them.

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  8. I have also permanently deleted my FB, for many reasons, although I still unfortunately have messenger since some of my annoying friends refuse to text. But at least I’m not arguing politics with idiots! I dealt with people there who’d say things like yep NASA was good for going to the moon and such but they really shouldn’t be relied on regarding climate. WHAT THE FUCK? Okay sure instead of PhD NASA scientists we’ll listen to some religious nutballs, Uncle JoeBob, and the Dopus Potus. Those are definitely the folks I want leading the way. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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  9. “No offense, but not all people are intelligent. Anyone who believes a conspiracy theory without fact-checking…”

    “It’s super scary to be alive right now.”

    👏👏👏 Nicely said Mathew. I would like to add more to your words as my husband has been boiling over the same thing. He actively campaigns (and has been ignored or criticized nastily) about saving our planet. I face the same fear each time I look at my son, but I’m afraid that if I write something it will be filled with rants and curses that WP spam boot might throw my comment to your thrash.

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      1. I’m guessing t’s not a pretty sight. 😑
        I lot of boys teased me to flare up my anger, but my husband told me, I look pretty when I’m calm and smiling, hence I married the guy 😂

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  10. I see humanity as a virus for this planet and unfortunately the planet has nobody to save it! We consider us human but look what is going on around us! We are destroying this planet day by day! I do hope these people that consider themselves human, will wake up and start being considerate and respectful for this wonderful planet that is struggling to keep us alive!

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    1. Thanks for your comment and I’m glad that this issue affects you deeply enough that you want to share.

      Personally, I don’t think this planet cares if we live or die, it will save itself by destroying us and finding equilibrium again one day in the distant future. We are, however, absolutely destroying ourselves and most of the known species right now.

      But, mehhhh, money… 🤷‍♂️💰

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  11. The world is an interesting place to live in and it is filled with interesting people. It can be very easy to feel hopeless about whats happening to our environment, but I am reasonably hopeful. Like there are so many companys now who donate their profits to environmental causes and there are heaps of people who care.
    I just try my best not to listen to the main stream media and news about this issue because they never talk about the good things that are happening and about the people who are helping. I think in the end Humanity is going to survive this catastrophy but I think the world we’re going to be living in will be vastly different to the one we’re in now.

    Keep up the good work Mattew.

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    1. Yeah, it’s important to remember that the media likes to bring to light the worst of it all going on. I still believe a lot of people are complacent on the issue of climate change though and we’re down to less than 12 years before we reach a point of no return. That’s not a lot of time to make massive changes for our future, and it’s going to take global cooperation. But I do hope that you’re right in the end!!!

      Thanks for leaving your feedback, and joining in. Greatly appreciated Jake! 😁🙏🏻

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      1. it isn’t a lot of time for change unfortunantly, but hopefully we’ll make it. I think there was like 3 times in history so far where humanity was meant to go extinct but here we are.

        No problem Mattew, i’m very interested in the climate change topic so I had to 😛

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  12. Politicians only care to be in power anyhow, they don’t care for anything else. It is a bitter truth. May be one or two will raise voice for people and their issues but they are very rare. Countries are underestimating climate change, environment, forests, clean water, rivers, oceans, etc. but in the long term, it will create a huge problem for everyone.

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  13. thanks for taking a stand on this issue, Mathew. It’s one thing to be a climate change denier (which is crazy enough), but to threaten violence is beyond the pale. I too want to see a better world for your daughter and for generations to come. It comes down to exercising our right to vote.

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  14. There are several problems that have to be addressed before anyone will see any change. First off, there is nothing anyone can say to a deaf man that will change their mind, others like myself have to change their lifestyle without waiting. Second, society rely completely on technology which many things are ran with fossil fuels. If technology was taken away the world population would decline rapidly. Third, we have to stop waiting for the government to do something and tell the government what we are doing and leave them in the dust.

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      1. You are correct, the government can not make money off the alternative.
        To many youths know what they do no like, but are unable to achieve what they want. The system have allowed them to be smart enough to pay taxes stupid enough not to question. And this is not just the youths, this goes for my generation as well.
        To many are scared to speak up and act on their wishes.

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    1. You said several spot-on things there Zita! 🙂Most importantly maybe that we can’t sit around waiting for governments to save us, from a problem they [1] have failed year and year again to adequately confront, and [2] even worsen, in many cases.

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  15. Matthew. Nobody is denying that there’s climate change, they’re disputing whether there’s significant human impact on climate change.
    The label climate change denier is clearly intended to deter people from asking questions. It is perfectly legitimate to ask questions of scientists, especially when the people who are clamouring most of all about “the science” are advocating radical politics which will destroy the global economic system. Presently, the world’s population is only sustained because of fossil fuels. There are no current alternatives to bridge the gap, and even if there were, fossil fuels are so imbedded in our economic system that proposals to reduce emissions by 50% in a short space of time will have irreversible effects on people, in particular, poor people. It will inexorably lead to tens of millions of deaths in the short to medium term. I’m tentatively suggesting that we are absolutely certain that the science hasn’t been politicised by leftist groups who are seeking more power before act upon this science. Because there are many scientists who have a much different take to NASA and those supported by western governments and the U.N and huge combinations of transnational capital deriving from the trillion dollar carbon emissions industry.
    I may not be a scientist but I do understand how the economy works; I have a degree in it. Science is not divorced from the market system. It does not walk on hallowed turf. Research is entirely contingent on patronage and benefactions.
    When science is so politicised, with so many conflicting views, it’s hard for any of us to discern truth from fiction. But the technocracy we live in should make us all pause for reflection. This is what Bertrand Russell said about the role of experts in a technocracy in the 1930s:
    “The society of experts will control propaganda and education. It will teach loyalty to the world government, and make nationalism high treason. The government, being an oligarchy, will instill submissiveness into the great bulk of the population…It is possible that it may invent ingenious ways of concealing its own power, leaving the forms of democracy intact, and allowing the plutocrats or politicians to imagine that they are cleverly controlling these forms…whatever the outward forms may be, all real power will come to be concentrated in the hands of those who understand the art of scientific manipulation”
    Russell was part of fledgling movements that sought a one world technocratic government. When we look at the world today, do we really believe that western nations are autonomous? Do we really think that there aren’t agendas going on to steer human destiny? Because if we don’t and we just dismiss it and believe that it’s just a “conspiracy theory”, then we’re guilty of the cowardice of credulity; we’re guilty of making assumptions about the world in which we live and what we believe to be true. Assumptions are at the heart of all falsehood.
    Blaise Pascal:
    “When science is divorced from ethics scientists will use their skills to pursue power not truth”

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  16. It’s so easy to just say “the world’s rigged” and to do nothing about it. Science is peer reviewed and the science of Climate Change is established all over the world. People of these kinds of beliefs are the foot draggers who will lead us to our doom rather than going out and fighting for change. If our political systems are corrupt then we need to be civilly disobedient and change the system. Basing facts and inaction on your conspiracy theories rather than science will undoubtedly do nothing but inhibit progress and feed the fossil fuel companies.

    Also, that’s some bullshit pseudoscience you put up there. The ones who will need to be paying for climate change will be the world’s wealthiest, not the poorest, and the lives that will be saved by addressing this issue in the next 10 years will be innumerable. No one will die because of a progressive attitude towards climate change. You should be ashamed of yourself. We have more than enough clean energy to start converting off fossil fuels now. You sound like a fossil fuel lobbyist and fearmongerer

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  17. Great post – and yeah, there’s no question that anthropogenic climate change is (a) real, and (b) it’s already hitting us. I can’t understand the ‘denier’ attitude. Sure, there are plenty of natural factors that also alter climate over time, usually in combination. It’s a chaotic system and it rolls from one meta-stable position to another. That’s a given. Some of the earliest professional work I did, back in the 1980s, was involved with doing historical analysis of past climates. fascinating stuff (tree rings tell some interesting stories). But the latest shifts are all human-driven. I mean, we’ve been pouring Co2 into the atmosphere at ever-increasing rates since the mid-eighteenth century, along with a whole lot of other stuff. What did we think was going to happen? Biggest own goal in the history of humanity, that’s what. And humans being humans, all we’re doing is fighting over it, when what we should be doing is co-operating and finding ways to manage the legacy of past greed. Sigh…

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  18. Thank you for this post! I’m so glad to read the words of someone who feels as frustrated and angry as I. Our words seem to fall on deaf ears for the most part. But we have to keep shouting. I will reblog your post happily and point others to your site.

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  19. Many reports about the current effects of Climate Change are often qualified with “sooner than expected” or reference “feedback loops” where changes dramatically intensify, happening much sooner that the models projected. It’s a bleak, terrifying future for the entire planet. Polar ice melting, temperature increases, oceans increasing acidity, sea level rise, the demise of permafrost, melting and disappearance of glaciers that provide water for millions of people, and the potential for massive releases of methane have scientists clamoring for people to wake up. Stressing the facts that if something isn’t done we risk catastrophe on a worldwide scale humans have never seen before. These facts are so disheartening and distressing with such disastrous consequences it’s insane anyone denies the reality. Everyone alive today will be affected by Climate Change. Those who politicize it and dismiss it will wake up only when a catastrophe affects them directly.

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    1. Yes, I’ve tried to fight with the morons denying it on my blog a few times but those people are only going to get us killed and aren’t worth my breath or anyone else’s attention. The damn conservative parties worldwide seem to be pushing for the denial of climate change as well because the acknowledgement would effect their personal profits from big oil.

      Recently scientists have been encouraging people worldwide to partake in civil disobedience to get the world to wake up. I hope you’ll join in! I know I will!


  20. Yeah Mathew I totally agree. I just made this comment on a different blog but it fits here as well. Perhaps change is possible after science leads us through this coronavirus crisis. Perhaps the public will then recognize the importance of science again and demand its worldwide reinstatement. Science has long now been taking an ill-gotten beating by those who suddenly have lost faith in it.

    Due to those like Donald Trump, who publicly ridicule any science that interferes with his own political agendas. And those who reject vaccines in lieu of conspiracies and those many who have come to believe in the rash of discrediting propaganda against science.

    With a renewed believe in what science has been trying to tell us for years about the dangers of climate change, industrial pollution and environmental well-being — the public may finally make electoral demands on their governments. I believe, putting science and scientific research back on the pedestal it deserves may be the only way we can get out of this mess our world has gotten into.

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