I Regard You Day By Day

These days pass me by in a wild blur.

I’ve been consuming loneliness

for a destiny that’s self-assured.


Yet my existence is still harmonious.


I’ve compiled the pieces of this broken heart,

And attempted to reassemble it part by part.

Yet, it’s off to a slow start.


A sort of emotional numbness is ever-present,

as I meticulously plan for my life’s ascent

into a future that brings me far from my discontent.

I’ve no time for an ill-love’s poisonous torment.


Yet, against my better judgment,

I’ve spotted one angelic beauty from afar, 

and I pass a grazing gaze that makes its way

across her radiant face as I regard her day by day.

I hope she feels my warm eyes, but still, she slips away.


One day, she notices me noticing her, 

and I won’t allow my gaze to be deterred.

I want there to be a hint of the tenderness that’s brewing,

behind a timid heart, that’s subtly and provocatively pursuing.


I watch


I wait


And I hesitate


I suppose I’m just fearful,

for hope to slip into the past

and to feel rejected,

by an obsession

that was never meant to last.


Perhaps one day soon, but not today…

I have my eye on you

and I’ll find a way

to perform one very charming follow-through,

And see if it’s possible that you might feel this too…






31 thoughts on “I Regard You Day By Day

  1. Well if she’s worth addending a comment…haha. Now that you’ve written this little gem, maybe you can find her outside of imagination? I really like the way this encapsulated my own journey to find the one. Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This poem is really touching. It speaks so many words that I think many people can relate to. Well-written and extremely effective in the emotion you used. Great, phenomenal work

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh god… that feeling, that ending…
    Gosh, longing for something I didn’t know exist…
    you write so so beautiful.. but this is sad too..
    Damn… I am so emotional…
    I love your poems my friend.
    You❤️are a star in my eyes.
    Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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