Goodbye Dear Summer, Hello Newcomer

Squirrels and chipmunks
pitter-patter and chatter,
As Fall’s warm breath turns to
Winter’s icy exhalation.
The stars in the sky float at ease,
before turning into frigid constellations.
Autumn being just a tease,
of an unpleasant time to come.
The smell of decay rides upon the breeze,
As the Earth bids adieu to the warming sun.
Elegant and vibrant greens
lost, except to television screens.
And I know not what it means,
but the Summer’s call will haunt my dreams.
The birds flap South,
and the Bears live paw to mouth,
as they fatten up for hibernation,
‘less death gifts their hunger a full cessation.
Humans prepare to hide and cower,
as they observe the wilting flowers.
Homes will bustle and be stoked hot,
skin will crack and minds fall fraught,
as they long for the Spring-time showers.
Goodbye dear Summer,
hello newcomer.
I’ll enjoy this Autumn climb with fervor,
before I become not, but a Winters-time observer.


26 thoughts on “Goodbye Dear Summer, Hello Newcomer

  1. I love it. As I usually do. But I feel bad for winter being beaten up like this. It’s cold sure, but the white pure white scenery can bring a special kind of serenity no other season can. I’m simply protesting because I’m born in winter haha 😀

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      1. I know. Canada is a bit like Norway. And there were times when I felt like crying just at the thought of stepping out of the door. 😂 Experience walking in -24 degrees celsius with wind. That was horrible, even breathing was painful. So I can totally relate, but since I grew up in a tropical country with nothing but two season, four season is a fascinating thing even if I live my life here almost longer than in my country.

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  2. Dear Autumn, what would the world be without your various hues and tints? Thank you for embracing me! 🍂💛🍂💛🍂💛(at least in my mind hahah! since I get to enjoy you when I travel on vacay..,,..💕💕💕)

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      1. None so far …. enjoying the sun over here! 🌥⛅️🌤☀️☀️☀️☀️ Do enjoy autumn colors for me! Simply gorgeous! 🍁💛🍂

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      2. Oh yes, I’m not the biggest fan of winter …. although it can be so lovely and romantic in the movies hahah! 🤣😃 Brrrrr …. everyone has to be bundled up ….. ❄️❄️

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