Of Tree Tops and Flying Beasts

Lost again in the confines of the tall pines,
The river rushing hurriedly shields me –
from the murmurings of my own mind.
The bounty of nature heals me,
as I search for not,
but what I might find.

A cold wind brushes my back,
and plays upon the straps –
of my bright yellow backpack.

The scent of past humidity,
and the feel of soft soil,
relieves me of the morbidity –
which is the human toil.

The suns rays cut through the maze,
of treetops and flying beasts,
to warm the contours upon my face.
All tension feels released

I think eternity in this paradise would be nice,
to add that extra bit of spice to life.
A year away from bills to pay-
would be like visiting the afterlife.

Picking at wild blueberries,
and chewing on dried cherries,
makes me the sweetest distraction
to my wilder adversaries.

Except I don’t expect to be eaten tonight,
I just gamble with my time…
Eating like a wild man in his prime,
and searching for the perfect campsite.

As the night’s sky soars high above
and as the moon begins to swoon;
a warm fire flatters the land,
as it feeds from my hand –
while I sing a joyous tune.

I spend my last night beneath the stars,
far away from the sounds of cars.
I hear a wolf cry to the sky,
and I too, begin to cry.
I don’t want to say goodbye.

I cry, I cry, beneath the sky,
for nature,
I don’t want to say goodbye.


37 thoughts on “Of Tree Tops and Flying Beasts

  1. I love this so much. I think in general when we become overwhelmed we want to just run off to the woods to be in nature. To get a taste of that and have to logically pry yourself away is heartbreaking πŸ‚πŸ

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      1. Yeah… Walden, or life in the woods πŸ˜‰
        I own that book. He lived there for only a year though I believe. I think after a year you would probably begin to miss people so I suppose that would be good for me! He lived on someone else’s land, yes and just observed his surroundings and wrote about his thoughts on the world. Have you read it?
        Would you like to live in the woods?


      2. I have read it. In Junior year of High School we studied the transcendentalists. I would LOVE to live in the woods but in a beautiful house where I could cozy by the fire and write at night.

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  2. The word “I love it” doesn’t do justice. Ugh, I feel tears lingering at the corner of my eyes at the end of the poem πŸ˜₯ I feel the earth, the wind and the surrounding and I love it.

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  3. ❀️I love it…
    You know, sitting outside in the woods and read your poem… wow, that is magic, because nature gives this poem a perfect scene✍🏻
    And then I get emotional then.. gosh….
    I wish you a beautiful day..

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