His Once More

When Heaven shines its light upon me,
I’ll not be weighed down by my fears,
or the tears of my past fading behind me.
Instead, I’ll look forward towards a blinding
light, knowing that this time was never taken
from me, but granted freely, as this time was
never truly mine, and only graciously extended
before me. So hark, and heed now to how
I’ve used my time because one must know,
that the decision behind my life’s design
was all mine. I’d sought to leave this world
a better place, with a smile upon my face,
as I spent my time awash in both captivating
joy, and grace. I bow my head as I await
my judgment, I fear not for what may come
because I’ve lived a life of love and those
I’ve touched will not soon allow me to be
forgotten. My deeds and love precede me,
as I gaze upon a lustrous golden gate,
shrouded in white clouds, so opulent and
proud. My heart as full as a chalice, over-
flowing with fine wine. I’ve lived, I’ve loved,
and I’ve served my time. Comforted
by the knowledge that in the end,
all things are fine. I know no fear and walk
with open arms towards a celestial embrace,
and in the world behind me, my footsteps
leave remnants of beautiful sprouting
blossoms growing in every step from whence,
I’d sprung; in hues of red, yellow and blue,
encapsulating the world in their aromatic
perfumes. Every gentle brush of my skin
will still be lingering on the flesh of those
I’d, at one point, touched before. My adoration
still seeping through their very pores-
forevermore, and then again onto their
kin as they revel in the love that only
a pure soul may bring. For myself, I know
not, what’s in store. Yet, I was never their’s
but His, and I’m His once more.

Final Thoughts

I’ve written this poem originally for Yeka as a Guest Post but I wanted to have this poem also published on my blog because I’d worked on it. I am not a Christian and I don’t necessarily believe, but I do believe in strength, and courage in the face of existential threat. This poem was inspired by “The Dream of the Rood” in some ways. It’s over a thousand years old and an amazing piece of poetry. It had inspired me. Check it out if you like this poem.

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