“Inside Bill’s Brain” on Netflix

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
– Bill Gates

Inside Bill’s Brain

Well, I recently binge-watched the new Netflix docu-series on Bill Gate’s life and amazing accomplishments. All I can say is, holy shit… This guy has done a lot for the world and it’s really impressive. I had no idea of many of his accomplishments and he seems like a pretty decent guy. My gut tells me not to trust anyone who has dozens of billions of dollars while people go hungry in the same country that makes him rich, but he’s doing more for the world then some Billionaires at least…  He’s a human processor, taking in information and working his ass off to solve any new problem.

I’d highly recommend watching this documentary series if you have some free time, but if you don’t, I’ll glaze over the key-points in the series for you:

Bill Created the Powerhouse Microsoft


As most of you know, Bill Gates was the founder of Microsoft. He established this company with one of his childhood friends who he’d learned to program software with. They started developing products and creating technology while all of the science behind computers was still young and immature. Microsoft is now worth around 43 Billion dollars today, and Bill Gates has an estimated Net Worth of over 100 BILLION dollars!!!

That’s a lot of cash! Fortunately, he also believes in the rich upper class taking responsibility for some of the problems of the poor. So he’s become a bit of a philanthropist, as you’ll soon find out. He also has an affinity for reading which I found interesting; he is described by close friends as having the unique ability to read about 150 pages in an hour and to retain about 90% of that information!

I can’t help but admire that.

Bill Gates has nearly eliminated Polio from the planet


One of Bill Gate’s greatest accomplishments has been nearly eliminating Polio from the planet entirely with the help of the Gates Foundation. According to the documentary, Bill has spent over 9 Billion dollars in trying to eliminate Polio from the Earth and spent countless hours trying to decipher tricky problems with outbreaks moving around in certain countries. Only a handful of cases exist anymore, and it’s thanks to his efforts. The only thing keeping this effort from reaching it’s conclusion right now is the war between the USA and Afghanistan because in Afghanistan, where there is such deep distrust of Americans, vaccines are becoming harder to administer willingly.

Bill Innovated Sanitation Solutions for Third World Countries


Bill solved a sanitation problem that had been plaguing third world countries for hundreds of years (or longer?). Many poor countries in Africa were dumping their raw sewage into pits in their villages where bacteria and pathogens would grow and sometimes spread. People would become ill from continued exposure to these pathogens and Bill wanted to solve this problem without adding a modern sewage system to the mix because they would not be affordable or plausible for most of these places.

So he did two things, he created a sewage treatment plant which uses poop to fuel itself and generate it’s own power. Then from the human waste it also creates clean drinkable water. I shit you not… But, yes, that was a pun. Bill was also able to create a toilet that can dispose of waste within itself without using sewage pipes at all. The only downside is that the manufacturing price is still quite high, costing thousands of dollars.

Bill helped to create one of the world`s safest Nuclear Reactors


One of the other amazing accomplishments of Bill Gates and his team has been their effort to create a very safe and efficient nuclear reactor. He was pushed towards this goal in order to create clean energy which does not destroy our planet with carbon gases. Bill Gates had been very concerned about greenhouse gases and the future of our species, and so this was his way of contributing. He actually had an agreement with China to begin constructing some of these nuclear reactors in China, except that this deal was disturbed when Donald Trump started his trade war and backed out of all prior trade agreements with them. Leaving his team high and dry, without the ability to cooperate globally. Thanks again, President Toupee.

In The End…

The documentary also touched upon some interesting personal information about the man. His good heart, his great relationship with his wife, and his inspirations. I love watching documentaries about the greats, especially those who have the power to change the world in a positive way because we can all learn from them.

What can we learn from Bill Gates? Having a goal and working relentlessly towards it is the key to becoming successful. No success comes easily that’s worth it! Also, reading is good too!?

Have you seen this Docu-Series? Comments? Leave them down below!

25 thoughts on ““Inside Bill’s Brain” on Netflix

  1. I’m sure Bill and Donald are best buds and talk about their businesses all the time. If not, I’m sure Bill understands the President’s reasons for doing what he had to do.
    Bill is indeed a great man. He will find a way to make whatever he wants to work. Don’t you worry!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this I was under the Impression the Bill Gates was only out for his own interest, thanks for proving my thoughts wrong & blowing them out of the water.

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    1. Well, 10 billion in charitable donations when you have 100 billion in the bank could still be self-serving. I’m sure he received some great tax breaks for his efforts, and I’m sure he could spend a hell of a lot more. But yes – he’s far from the worst of those super rich! Thanks for reading 😀


  3. I just finished watching this series myself.
    If every billionaire put his amount of energy and money into fixing the world’s problems, well, there probably wouldn’t be any problems to fix.

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  4. Quebert is on Prime. A gripping adaptation of Joel Dicker’s acclaimed novel where literary icon, Harry Quebert, is suspected of the murder of a young girl who disappeared a year earlier and the writer who gets caught up in the investigation of his mentor.

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    1. Well I’ve never called a third world country a “shithole country”, and I’m quite respectful of peoples heritage. So I don’t appreciate being grouped in with the racists and assholes. Actually, if i were to decipher your language here… “People of developed countries are still suffering from superiority complex”. That’s a broad generalization of millions of people and this is in fact prejudiced. So maybe be careful about spreading your own hate agenda and criticizing good people.


  5. I am definitely going to watch this. Nice to see someone caring to do good for the world. We can all do something with whatever capacity we have of time and money.

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