The Dawn After The Night

There’s a light at the end of a tunnel,
so far away, but growing nearer every day.
Through the darkness, my light had been funnelled,
drawn so far away, yet step by step, I make my way…

I make my way towards the hope of something better,
with eyes blind of no substitute for sunlight…
My heart pours out like ink and quill to an open letter-
as I search my soul for an exit to this external night.

Damp and cold in those deep dark caves,
I travel by fingertips; musky scent and feel.
Any stumbled step could make this place my grave,
slowly trudging forward towards something more ideal.

The insects skitter far behind,
as the coming light leaves me tantalized.
Such beauty in a world so divine,
beauty greater than I’d fantasized,
of which before was never truly mine.
The warm light comes flowing in-
heating up my cool and clammy skin.
Vibrant colours of which I’d never really known,
become apparent in the green leaves of Sycamore trees,
and the blues of the sky, like an ocean, pinned up high.
The sounds of birds singing, bring some delight,
as I brace myself for a majestic sight.

Stuck for so long in a world so dark,
where not exists, but shadow…
The thought of joyous life, once, like a distant lark,
finds me now; under the arch of a resplendent rainbow.

For all those lost and wounded souls,
let these last words to you ring true…
For if your world seems dark, and gives you a fright,
 heed the dawn, which takes its place, behind even the darkest of nights.

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