The Extinction Rebellion is Going Global!

“Rebellion has its roots in government’s indifference and incompetence.” – Mike Barnicle

A Time For Action

Recently I’ve read that more than 300 scientists have signed a declaration endorsing civil disobedience campaigns around the world because pressure is needed for political entities to begin taking this current climate crisis far more seriously. Our situation is critical right now and our response to the coming crisis is far from adequate to curb this coming disaster. Our governments are not listening to the science being produced, and some political parties are still running campaigns that work against the science in order to maximize profits over the sustainability of our planet. These things need to change now!

Photo taken from Express UK

One group which has started the civil disobedience movement is the Extinction Rebellion whom originated in the United Kingdom. Their goals are aligned with the science to force governments into greater action towards the climate crisis by using acts of civil disobedience and non-violent protests to garner attention of the impending disaster.

In their most famous action in November of 2018, over 6000 volunteers blocked off 5 bridges in London, England for several hours in an act of civil disobedience which lead to the arrest of 82 individuals. Now they plan on growing to become an international movement in order to spread the movement worldwide. When our situations grow worse because of climate change it’s not going to affect the wealthiest first, but all of us average folk. The wealthiest hold all of the power in our current societies and if money is all that they listen to, then we need to hit them in their profits.

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Our elected officials globally are failing us 

Well the Extinction Rebellion has announced it is coming to Canada officially as of December 2019, and I for one will be more than happy to join the cause. There are over 1000 members already in the movement here in Canada. If you are someone who is deeply concerned by the coming crisis and the inaction of our current political process then you should consider taking action as well. Canadians can find the Extinction Rebellion website here, and for anyone else, a quick Google search of your country’s name and the “Extinction Rebellion” should provide you with some quick results.

Through every generation we are all tested at least once by something very important to humanity and we must each decide how we will face those defining challenges. We can do so with our heads in the sand, denying our reality and hoping that somebody else will fix it all for us, or we can fight to make a difference in this world with the little bit of power that we each have inside of us.



In this day and age it is impossible to be neutral to what’s happening in the world. There seem to be just two groups of people left:

1- The deniers. The cowards. The rich and selfish. The ignorant. The hateful. Those who just believe what they are told (religious fanatics). Those afraid of change. The conspiracy theorists.


2- The educated. The progressives. The idealists. The brave. The conscientious rebels. Those who care for humanity as a whole. Those who want real change in the world. The truly good and moral people thinking about the future.


There is no in-between anymore. Being neutral in regards to the coming crisis and current state of political affairs just means that you are enabling the oppressive forces currently established. I know it can be scary to take a side, but this is a pivotal moment for humanity all across the world, and now is the perfect time to make a real difference for our species. Now is the time to leave your mark and make a stand. Now is the time to be part of a global movement that matters! Whether that’s through acts of civil disobedience or with your vote and voice, just allow yourself to be heard. It is so important right now!



We can all change the world as long as we believe we can.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” – Desmond Tutu



27 thoughts on “The Extinction Rebellion is Going Global!

  1. Oct. 7th, I think that was the day, walterdale Edmonton bridge was blocked, I did a post on it.
    One thing I pointed out with a possible scenario that could happen while a protest is going on. The potential problem could be if someone has a medical issue while stuck on a bridge and die, those protesters will be held responsible for the death of that person.
    I know that example is a bit extreme, but they are going extreme as well. I would rather they block the entrance of the politician’s house and stay safe vs putting themselves in a bad situation.

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      1. By any chance, have you heard of biofuels? Scientist have been working on it for some time, yet I had found that not many know about it. My friends didn’t until I told them about it.

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      2. I have been trying to find a way to endorse this information and to get it working in my life, I do not drive, but I do use the bus. I would like to see the city buses go to B10 for the winter and B20 for the summer. It isn’t 100% no fossil fuel, but it is a start.

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  2. well said, Mathew! I was not aware of the Extinction Rebellion, so thanks for filling me in. I am proud to say that I am a member of group 2. How anyone could be a member of group 1 is beyond me!

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  3. I am in favor of people exercising civil disobedience to put a spotlight on issues that need attention.
    I have watched, read, web search all things Martin Luther King Jr. His speech “I Have a Dream brings goosebumps to me every time I listen to it.

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    1. Now I want to re-live that speech, and unfortunately, many activists for change are targeted for assault/harassment or worse. One of the activist leaders in the Hong Kong Democratic movement has been attacked twice by pro-Beijing thugs wielding hammers since the whole thing began! Luckily he’s still alive!

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      1. Matthew I agree. They assassinated King Jr., Malcolm X .
        Yet, if we look south across the border someone somewhere needs to take a brave bold stand.
        We are seeing the deterioration of all the things America has stood for.
        It is happening and not one foreign terrorist fired a shot!

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      2. They’re in a crisis right now, and hopefully they come out a better America than they were before. The whole world is in a crisis right now, and what we are beginning to experience is the start of some big changes I imagine. For better or worse.

        I hope Canada will rise to meet these new challenges.

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  4. Intellectuals yes. Scientists, not really. Not all of them like science for what it really is. Some of them, if not the majority of them, are more inclined to have efficient answers and not more. So…

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