The Black Bird Soars

A blackbird soars silently through the thick of the great blue sky,
Every evening collecting simple filaments for its regular roosts repairs,
Every day the bird becomes witness to the homes of humans in its eyes,
Every human displays a history beneath the space the fowl shares.

A blackbird passes pleasingly peering into the lives of nearby homes,
In a garden, five children play frolicking with the joy of fickle festivity,
On a patio, an old couple sits sipping tea from behind their garden gnomes,
On a porch, a woman cries with swollen eyes and a very grating passivity.

A blackbird flutters overhead with foraged grub for craving chicks,
In a garden, the children turn to four as they remain not but a rowdy rabble,
On a patio the couple voids their porch leaving just cold cups to intermix,
On a porch, a woman sniffles behind a door that shouts of bitter babble.

A blackbird whips its wings as it ferries delicate feathers from far away,
In a garden, three children play in the dirt creating monuments of mud,
On a patio, a family is dressed all in black and an elderly dear is in disarray.
On a porch, a frantic female flees as a dismal door sounds a thunderous thud.

A blackbird glances and ganders as it perches upon a powerful pole,
In a garden, two kids keep cool as they hop happily through wild waters,
On a patio, an old woman sits sipping tea quite quietly with heavy soul,
On a porch, a booming blast is heard which scares the feathered squatter.

A blackbird soars once more above to pry into the lives of those nearby,
In a garden, one child chooses silently the finest flowers to finger in the grass,
On a patio, fair folk seek to strike a bargain as an elderly woman wishes home goodbye,
On a porch, a sleek stretcher rolls down to an ambulance as prying peoples pass.

A blackbird gazes resolutely as its feathered offspring take to flight,
Every blackbird builds a nest, scrutinizing selectively to turn a treetop to its own,
Every blackbird lives a lucky life with many days for sounds and snoopy sights,
Every life leered holds a history, the blackbirds learn, with every flight they’ve flown.


23 thoughts on “The Black Bird Soars

  1. I LOVE this!! It’s so beautifully written!! I love tat you listened to Black Bird by the Beatles too. That’s one of my favorite songs. No wonder this is now one of my all time favorite poems!! ❤ ❤

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  2. As always, brilliantly creative Mat! I loved how you gave even more life to the black bird ….. makes us see things from a fresh perspective. 🌟⭐️✨💫🌟✨💫🌟⭐️✨💫

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww I’ve missed you loads too! Still undergoing treatment and candidly, having not-so-good-days at times …. and yet, GOD in His Awesome Love keeps me going! ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

        Hmmm poetry? How I wish I had that gift of writing poems ….. I love to read poetry and I minored in Speech and Oral Interpretation in Uni (while I majored in Broadcasting Production and Performance) ….. if I were in Canada, would’ve loved to read your brilliant masterpieces through Oral Interpretation ❤️

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      2. Oh I would’ve loved to write a poem for you and your amazing blog ….. perhaps in my dreams hahah 🤪😝😜

        Well, I love your idea of starting guest poetry….. awesome! It’s right up your alley! ⭐️💫💫💫💛 the Brilliant Wolf Boy!!!

        And sticking around? Well, in case you haven’t heard yet …. you’re stuck with your Soul Sista for life!!! Hahahah 🥰❤️😘

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  3. Great post brother!

    Just clocked your email. I’ll hit you back when I wake up tomorrow. it’s been a crazy busy couple weeks!

    Hope you are well and taking on the world my friend.

    will have the post over for you very shortly.

    Keep doing you my man ✌️❤️

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