Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, 
which me, that I see,
is the clearest of all?

The best of me that I choose to see,
or the ugly me, that I hate to be?

The one who hides inside of me,
or the man I share so proudly?

Less and less as these days pass
can I stand my reflection in the glass.
Bits and pieces of this bolstered pride
are feeling more disillusioned on the inside.
The man inside the mirror,
fears to meet me eye-to-eye.

Hate, anger, pride…
Self-righteousness galore…
All feelings stored behind a crumbling dam…
The flood gates open; let it pour…

Time to transform those twisted thoughts
to support the half of me,
I fear I’m not.
With light, love and positivity,
to be good to others,
and to be good to me.
To change the man in the mirror I see,
and to meet that gaze contentedly.

No more hesitation,
nor personal degradation.
These broken pieces must be mended,
to elevate an injured soul transcended.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…
Show me there’s some innocence behind it all…


40 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

  1. Oof, I felt this one. It’s a struggle my friend. We can only see reflections of ourselves, but I’m here to tell you from where I stand, what I see is pretty damn awesome! You’re extremely talented, funny, kind, intelligent, the list goes on & on….. I hope one day you’ll be able to see yourself as the rest of us do.

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    1. It’s just the relationship side of life that seems to boggle me and interpersonal conflict which makes me feel bad at times. Sometimes another person’s negative image of me can mess up my head too. Especially if I lose my cool in an argument, but I do know my value and i do appreciate myself for all my good as well. 😊

      Thanks a bunch for your kind and thoughtful words.

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  2. Great read Mat! It goes to the quote I read this morning:

    “People aren’t in awe of your sharp mind? So be it. But you have many other qualities you can’t claim to have been deprived of at birth. Display then thos qualities in your own power: Honesty, Dignity, Endurance, Chasity, Contentment, Frugality, Kindness, Freedom, Persistence, Avoiding Gossip, and Magnanimity.” – Marcus Aurelius

    Have an awesome day!

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  3. Even when you’re not trying at all, you’re just plain BRILLIANT Mat! 💛💫⭐️💫💫⭐️ And what’s more, you embrace your raw authenticity. That makes you so strong and so astoundingly human. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt poem. It touches me deeply. ❤️

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  4. I am honestly speechless. I wish I had the words to describe this poem. I read it aloud to my friends and they actually cried. The words you use come together to form a mellifluous poem that can only be described as pure genius and passion. I wish I could write the way that you do.

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    1. Well it’s all straight from the heart and based around real raw feelings that were going through me at the time. I’m glad its able to effect others in a similar way. ❤

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment. You made my morning.


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