The World’s Going To Burn

We  hug the turns and feel the burn

of the hot asphalt beneath our tires

stretching a length of forest

spewing ashen dust from forest fires

the smoky air feels warm

before the horizons faint pink glow

the animals rush out in a storm

before the flickering of their shadows


Burn, burn. burn

Skin broiling like a sunburn


Churn, churn, churn

The world’s going to burn


As the majestic glow engulfs us all

we blame the coming of the fall

and those damn dried leaves

belching out black smoke in heaves

hiding the moon in midst of nightfall


Flickering flames flow freely

across the road that lay ahead

the cooking of the skin chars deeply

waiting for well-done flesh to stop us dead


Burn, burn, burn

the world’s going to burn


Churn, churn, churn

smoke catches breeze and churns


Let the plumes grow high and spread

a great distance yet to go

and yet our skins be painted red

all while the land is set aglow

27 thoughts on “The World’s Going To Burn

      1. Keep it up 🙌 umm I have always liked to help others and have made posts on social media. I always have so much to say. My mind runs a lot 😂😂 but I did blogger for a short minute years back when I was going through something hard. Then stopped. Now I’m back at it 🙌

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  1. A message for current Business people cares too much on business evolution and forgot about global warming. deforestation warning is needed. Love your creativity ✨👌 so good to read 🤗✍️ Happy weekend Mathew! ☺️

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